Wednesday, March 14, 2007

er, congrats?

I just got back in town today and it won't be long before I hit the roads again. In the last 2 months, I have slept in 11 different beds, no less. It would be awesome if those were beds of really hot chicks, but I am afraid that I am getting sick of living in and out of my suitcase in hotel rooms and reading newspapers delivered at the doorstep.

Speaking of which, can you believe it's been three days since the SPM results were released and I haven't gone into my annual bashing session?! Did you know that that infamous article still gets hits from googles searches till this day?

Oh my!

The travesty!

But there shall be no complains from me this year. I believe I have done my fair share of that in the last two years (click here for last year's piece). This year, I am actually quite pleased how things turned out. Yes, we have our usual funfare of idiots being idiots, doing totally inane stuff like taking Physics, Chemistry and Biology and then felt the need to supplement that by adding on General Science.

The good thing is that the badminton blokes won their title and hogged the headlines, thus blocking out these over achievers from getting their day in the press. But I am actually happy that the Education Ministry has finally found some sense and decided that they are no longer going to name a top scorer for which silly Malaysians can worship. It is good to note that people (ministers included) are starting to see some sense in the fact that it is absolutely pointless to take more than 12 subjects. They said they are not going to put a cap on the maximum number of subjects allowed, but I suppose this advice is a good start in itself...


I'm personally getting bored of goverment bashing and 19A scorer bashings as well. It took a while, but hey it's finally getting old. Some people are realising, hey shit these A's don't make me smarter! Fucking hell!

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