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A few days ago, a bunch of us were supposed to attend a meeting. The meeting room in question was still being used, so we sat outside on the comfortable sofas provided. As it turned out there was just enough space for 6 of us, all of whom were guys. We took our seats and just when I started flipping the newspapers, a group of 4 women came into the lounge. Upon discovering that they had to join us in waiting for the other meeting to finish, the leader proceeded to announce, "Alright guys, will the gentlemen please let us have a seat?"

I looked up from the comics page, trying to find the mythical gentlemen (because I certainly am not one) and to my amusement, 4 of my colleagues succumbed to that bullshit and stood up, giving way to them to sit. I was having none of it. I got there first. I was early. I deserve the right to plonk my lazy ass on the comfy sofa as much as the next person in the office. No doubt I earned myself the reputation of being ungentlemanly, but whatever the hell that word means I was certainly not going to play a part in it.

That is why I scoffed at today's newspaper. International Women's Day my ass. The irony behind all this is that women themselves are the major culprits in denying themselves equal rights. I am a person of extremes, as you would have already known. I don't take middle roads and there certainly aren't any half way houses. You are either FOR something or AGAINST it. I should go on the record by saying that I really do hope that we can one day live in a world of equal opportunities where everybody is treated just and fair. But if you demand equality, then there must be equality in everything, not just the issues that suit you.

My sister is an engineer, and has been for as long as I can remember. Having heard her stories, and seen with my own eyes the things going on in any construction yard, I can personally vouch that it is a nightmare being a woman engineer in the field. Starting out, they are always given more stick and less time to perform. But once they prove their capabilities, I can safely say that they are given equal respect as their male counterparts. The problem is, the inequality more often than not rises because a certain foreman or blue collared worker is sick with seeing so many female engineers who time and time again refuse to get their hands dirty. The majority of female engineers prefer sitting in an aircond room crunching paperwork even though field engineers belong in the field. It's the females who are screwing the other females over.

Single women in their late twenties often complain that they are pressured to get married while their male counterparts are often spared the humiliation of being interrogated on such matters. But if you think about it, the pressure usually comes from mothers and/or nosey aunties. When have you heard of uncles asking such nosey questions?? Again, women screwing other women over.

And seriously, stop complaining about discriminated in the work place because you are female. There always is an excuse for incompetence isn't there? If it isn't the colour of your skin then its the alphabets that spell your chromosome. Shut up, already. If you are good enough, people will recognise you. Somewhere, somehow...the cream ALWAYS rises to the top. If you think your boss is screwing you over, then switch jobs. If that boss screws you over too, then the only logical conclusion is that you have the IQ of a sea sponge but choose to blame your inadequecies on everything and everybody but yourself.


i don't think it's exactly accurate to say that there is no gender discrimination whatsoever in the working place, but i do agree that women are hypocrites in alot of situations and it's ridiculous. the original situation you mentioned is one exact example. i personally do not demand that the men give up their seats for me, but if they do so voluntarily i just say "thank you".

Would it be wrong for me to say that I think we would never achieve gender equality?

Wow dude, it's good to know that you've still got a lotta juicy stuff to blog.. keeps us all entertained!

I think what people are getting confused with is women's equality and chivalry. If you look it up in the dictionary, you'll see the difference.

Having said that, I'm all for equality for all, just as long as people realise that we are never going to be equal in exactly everything. That's why we're 2 different sexes and not all of one sex (gosh, that's a scary thought). There are always going to be things that men can do better than women and vice versa. (I'm not talking about the 1 woman who's stronger than all average men etc, I'm talking about the majority here.)

I think that for now, equality for all means having a balance between the things men are good at and things women are good at, and to accept each other for who they are. So don't criticise women out there who are just fighting for what they believe in, they're still human beings and deserve to be respected the same way anti-war people fight for what they believe in!

Also, I don't agree that there isn't any gender or racial discrimination in the world. To say that there truly isn't, is just being naive and closing one's eyes to the truth. And worse, even making excuses for it! For e.g., in medicine, the orthopaedic surgery specialty has always been dominated by men, simply because you need brute strength to perform the surgical procedures. Of course, there will be 1 or 2 successful women who break through, but more often than not, men prevail. This is changing though, so hopefully in the future, things will get better..

So I think as long as we accept that this is how the world works, for now, but also try our best to change it one step at a time, who knows, one day we might actually have that better future we've all dreamt about.. After all, look how far we've come!


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