Saturday, April 14, 2007

an assorment

You know you are getting old when..
  • you make plans to go drinking with some buddies on a Friday night, and then it gets canceled because they are all too tired from work
  • you then make plans with other people to catch up at the mamak stall, only for them to announce at 11pm that they want to get home because they too are tired from work
  • you get home at 11.30pm and realise that you need sleep as well because its been a long, long day at work

Fifty years into the future, the sun is dying. Man's last hope lies with a heroic group of eight astronauts and scientists aboard the spaceship Icarus II charged with delivering a stellar fission bomb into the heart of the sun. Their predecessors on the Icarus I mysteriously failed in their mission never to be heard from again...until now. When contact with earth is cut and Icarus I is discovered languishing in space, things begin to unravel. As the crew members find themselves pushed to the breaking point, the question becomes: will they succeed in saving mankind or succumb to the light? - (source)

I know I paid to watch Mr Bean, but I am curious to know - just exactly what kind of tosser would actually pay to watch rubbish like that?

I remember a time when people told me that I should bitch less. These people said that it would lead to my apparent downfall. Or some similarly utter nonsense which I cannot full recall. I never believed it - I believed bitching was good, but you have to control who you bitch to. But lately, I learnt one very important lesson.



I'd watch anything with Michelle Yeoh in it.


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