Wednesday, April 18, 2007

play writing

Ordinarily, I would jump straight to the point and start babbling what I started thinking. But today, I am annoyed with the ignorance of many many people with regards to current affairs in the news. So, I shall tell the morons among you that this (angry) Korean kid went around shooting people in his uni. Very bad thing, indeed.

Details now emerge that this bloke was a scary character who studied English Literature and wrote plays of a graphic nature for his assignments. Hindsight is a nice thing to have, and so people are left to wonder what they could have done to prevent this unfortunate incident from happening. Only if, eh? Only if they had picked up on the meanings of his plays. I read both the plays that were posted online and I must say....a 10 year old kid could have done a better job. But I guess writing a good play wasn't his objective. I guess he had loads of steam to vent and writing those plays did the trick.

And as for me, well, I have been called many things by people reading my blog. My favourite, and most recently by a new friend who read my blog. Apparently she refers to me as 'The Angry Blogger' when talking to her pals. Now how awesome is that?

But I figured, I like writing and I haven't done it enough recently. So, on the way home from work (granted that there isn't any traffic jam in Hicksville) I thought of a short scene which pretty much sums up my feelings recently. How you choose to interprete those feelings are totally up to you though...


Scene One

Two friends are having a chat by the water cooler. The office phone is ringing in the background. One of the characters, Vincent is pretending to drink from a mug. He is bored with Tom.

Tom: You know, she calls herself Penthesilea.

Vincent: Uh-huh...

Tom: It's like.......what the hell is a Penthesilea?

Vincent: You're a knob, you know.

Tom: What?

Vincent: Penthesilea was this great Amazaon warrior chick. She fought in the Trojan War and was supposedly in love with Archilles. Or Archilles was in love with her, I can't rememberlah.

Tom: Where do you read this shit la?

Vincent: This was according to Quintus who took over where Homer left off.

Tom: [bursts out laughing] Holy shit! You heard this from Homer?!? [continues laughing hysterically]

Vincent: Er...yeah.

Tom: [mocking laugh] And I thought you were a smart dude! You get information like that from a cartoon! Homer! [laughs like a hyena high on crack]

Vincent: [visibly anoyed] YOUR MUM LA! Not Homer Simpson la you fucktard!

Vincent ends the conversation by punching Tom in the face and ends up re-arranging Tom's facial bone structure. Camera zooms in on Tom's face. Maggots are crawling out. Camera zooms out and catches Vincent looking visibly pleased at his job of ridding the world of another idiot.

End of Scene One


Some home we live in, eh?


*Holy shit! im reporting u to the head administrators office! this some sick shit here man!*

Was wondering how the hell can one guy with just 2 guns and 50 bullets maul 30 people down? Turned out the guy was from South Korea. National service for the lose. Some messed up world we live in eh.
Now i go to uni and everyone stares at the foreign chinese dude eagerly waiting for him to pistol whip and become trigger happy. ie me.

Gun control US. WTH are you guys thinking about??



No comments on my awesome sript??


script sucked tbh. Why would anyone in this age and time, call themselves Penthesilea. Sounds more like a pain relief that you inject to keep u silent or some micro organisme.

And who doesnt noe Homer should be shot and have his/her body parts chopped into 7 pieces and scattered to seven corners of the world. Just to warn idiots what would happen if you dont know who Homer is.


Writing pr0n is better than writing about violence. Heh.

Idiot: Just like why would anybody in this day and age call themselves 'anonymous' when their mum's gave them perfectly good names?!?

Still, Penthesilea or Hercules is soo much cooler a nick than Anonymous, don't you agree?


Ahh u are so wrong. My name has so many purposes it's not even funny.
I could be a guy or a girl. I could be someone u noe or a stranger. I could be just about anything you can possibly imagine. Then again, maybe i am not what you could possibly imagine. Go figure.
People like Penthesilea or Hercules could do with a name like mine. They'd have been just as world famous and still have a name 'hip' with time. But ofcourse noone in the entire world is more famous than I.
Such an awesome name dont you reckon?



Okay. Well done, lad.


very funny shit

good gawd vincent. penthesilea?!

the homer bit was good though. it's amazing how many people really do the whole "haha why you quoting the simpsons?" thing when talking about greek mythology.

and everything anyone knows about achilles (not archilles) is from "troy" anyway.

eh not funny to spread racial hatred ok. all that happened at virginia tech was a screwed up kid legally bought guns and gunned down 32 people. i don't know how responsible the uni was, but i know for sure if he didn't have such ready access to firearms, it would not have happened. he might have killed himself, but he wouldn't have taken so many others down with him.


comment on thou awesome scipt?


let me think...

an overtly self-boasting piece of avant-garde work that explicitly mirror VLB5 inner higher plane of intelectualism in contrast to his often mentally-challenged, mundane ass-wiping JAKUNs people VLB5 has to face everyday at office in good ol' Hicksville.

pity Tom. pity Tom.

VLB5, whats is VLB5? is it some sort of an electrical or system acronym??


laughing like hyenas high on crack!


Oh no!

My identity has been exposed!

Is that you, Charlie Brown?? I swear I wasn't talking about you...I swear!



and I get flak from you for calling myself nyx?

hello .. nyx is a lot shorter to type. :)


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