Tuesday, April 03, 2007

the stupid things

Sometimes in life, you know you are about to do a stupid thing. Everything you know, everything you learnt tells you that that decision you are going to make is dumb. Yet, you just want to do it. Possibly for sentimental reasons. Possibly for the sheer curiousity. You figure it won't hurt you to do it, so you just do it anyway. Or you figure it might hurt, but just a little. And so you are willing to get your finger pricked...just to see how it would feel like to touch a bug-zapper.

Today, I did such a thing.

I paid 9 bucks to watch Mr Bean's Holiday.

In a way, I wasn't dissapointed with the outcome because I went into the cinema knowing that I was going to get screwed over. I knew it wasn't going to work out well. But I wanted to watch it anyway. I loved Mr Bean as a kid. I worshipped the TV series. I videotaped every single episode that aired on tv and watched each and everyone no less than 10 times. Yes, those are sentimental reasons, but perhaps those silly sentiments were enough to convince me that I don't mind paying 9 bucks to watch silly jokes repeat themselves over and over again.

I walked out of the cinema feeling absolutely...liberated.

And then I thought...perhaps in life, once in a while, and only once in a blue moon, it would be okay for us all to watch Mr Bean.



same as you... worshipped him when kid... but getting older might lose some humour sense as well. ended up finding his show totally WASTE of time... so chose not to watch since then... yet still wasting time on other stupid dramas and novels.


Whoo hoo.. Kick ass. I remember the one about him being the security guard in USA. That kicked ass. Forgot the name though.

Well, its quite unexpected to read you writing about liking Mr. Bean. I do go on Disney Channel to watch the cartoon version. Nowhere as good, but some cheap thrills.


i thot the cartoons are funnier than the show itself...

Dr Tan : Actually that article talked about more than just Mr Bean.

we are changing, change our preference`over the time? might find sth attractive at this moment but not 10 years later? wat's left are only memories but not tat same feeling anymore?
that is life :P


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