Sunday, April 29, 2007

vivid imagination


Scene Eight

An old man is sitting on a rocking chair. He rests his glasses on top of his balding head as he is peering through the narrow slits in his eye to read the magazine. The light from the setting sun filters through the window shutters, creating a serene environment. The peaceful sound of animals mating on the National Geographic Channel in the background is suddenly pierced by a loud scream..

Kid: Gong Gong! Gong Gong!

Old man: (looks up) Hmmm?

Kid: Gong gong! There's a cat outside on the road! A car ran over it...I think it's dead...but shouldn't be right? Cats have nine lives mah...

Old man: Don't be silly. They don't have nine lives. Don't ever let your teacher teach you nonsense, okay?

Kid: (frowns)

Old man: Okaylah, gong gong will tell you a story now. You want to hear a story or not?

Kid: Okay..

Old man: Last time when I was young that time, I went out poh poh. That time I was working in a kampung and she was working in the big city. But one day, she had to come to the kampung for business, and then I took her out to a kopitiam for breakfast.

Kid: What's a kopitiam?

Old man: It's a coffeeshop. Nowadays no more already. People go there drink coffee and eat roti bakar.

Kid: And?

Old man: Nolah, that's it. People just sit down there and talk.

Kid: Eeeyer, so boring one.

Old man: But last time that's what people did. And besides, there is nothing else to do in the kampung. But the kopitiam was quite far from my kampung, so we had to drive a long way to get there. And then on the way, we saw a big black thing by the side of the road in front of us.

Kid: What was it?

Old man: When we got closer, we saw that it was a dead tapir!

Kid: Gong gong, what's a tapir?

Old man: Haiyah, potong steam only la you. Tapir, now extinct already. Even when gong gong was young, usually we could see a tapir in zoos only. Like a buffalo's size. Big and then it is black and white in colour. So anyway, we saw a dead tapir by the roadside with its head mutilated already. Like as if it got mowed down by lorry.

Kid: Wow!

Old man: Yeah, cool huh? And even funnier still, on the way back home, poh poh's boss called her and asked her to go back to work.

Kid: And then?

Old man: And so I was rushing to go back....and my car's tyre punctured!

Kid: Hehehe! Yah yah, that day ayah's car tyre puncture and then mummy stand by the side holding umbrella while he was changing tyre. After that ayah make fun of her!

Old man: Hehehe, you know ah boy, somethings will never change!

Kid: Gong gong, tell some more stories!

Old man: Next day lah. Now time for you to go maghrib already.

(Kid runs off...)

End Scene

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I'm sorry but I really need to lauuuggggghhhh at this entry. You and me know why.... Muah ahahahahahah!!

gong gong? maghrib? taking a cue from yasmin ahmad?

Mmm, nice!

Though sadly, for the love of my food, I doubt I'll be Muslim.


And notice how Gong Gong says "Time for YOU to go maghrib"??


"After that ayah make fun of her!

Old man: Hehehe, you know ah boy, somethings will never change!"


laughing like hyena high on crack!

ps: i like your ACT TWO more. thats freaking hilarious!


1) I had to edit a part of your comment and re-post it because it was a little inappropriate.

2) Perhaps you should go back up and read what the title of the post says. You would find that most of my stories have similar themes.

3) Not fun playing with Google, you know.


ofcourse, ofcourse.

how dumb of me :P. did not see the 1st comment.

oh well, nice blog dude.

btw, i didnot get here by google if thats your sitemeter told you. so happen your blog IS considered as a "celebrity" blog elsewhere. got here by another link months ago! ;)

if your sitemeter told you that i've been here from google with weird address such as sg rinching, sungai pusu, then it must have been your other "fans" i suppose.

jolly good blog. and mum's the word from me.



ehhh stop writing this rubbish and entertain me properly laaaaaa

Haha, fucker. For you, the next post is more suitable.

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