Thursday, May 03, 2007

world elitist week

Today, we start celebrations for the inaugural World Elitist Week.

There was this story about a goat that was abandoned by its mother as a kid. A pack of wild dogs took it in and raised it as their own. It learnt to bark, it learnt to run, all as a dog would. It would smarl, along with its brothers when their dreaded enemy, the wolf was spotted.

One day, the goat was all alone when it spotted the wolf. Instead of following its natural instincts as it should have, it tried to act like a dog. The wolf was humoured and toyed with the goat while contemplating how best to kill it. When the wolf finally did lunge at the goat's neck, the goat, still thinking it was a dog, swung its hoofs at the wolf. But of course, hoofs are no substitute for claws and the goat was helpless in fighting back.

This shit is true to every extent, whether you want to agree with it or not. Money does not buy class, and similarly, an education does not make an idiot a wise man. You can teach a goat to be a hunting dog, but he will always remain a goat. Its the circle of life. Call it karma, call it balance, whatever. That, is how shit spins. Unfair? Too bad.

And so, I leave you with this awesome conversation plucked from the Puteri Gunung Ledang movie, when the Sultan was discussing the Crown Prince with his advisors:

Bendehara: Hanya mutiara jika digilap, Tuanku...mujurlah cahaya yang bersinar.

Sultan: Bagaimana beta nak tahu manik-manik atau mutiara? Adakah pada wajahnya? Atau lebih mendalam tenungannya? Dan yang utamanya, adakah Si Manik tahu yang dia ni manik?

Sang Setia: Ampun, Tuanku. Mutiara tetap mutiara. Andainya manik seperti diri Patik ini, walaupun digilap haus, ia tetap malap jua.

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so one can only be elitist if one is elite in some way? so who determines if one really is elite or not?

Usually and most unfortunately, it is a genetic thing.

I don't know how much of the tabloids you read (ie: anything written by the English) but they were saying poor Kate Middleton learnt that very hurtful fact.


World Elitist Week? That would be WEW. Or perhaps World EW...



Well, I was posed this question also.

Being a (somewhat) snobbish elitist myself, I was asked who was I to judge?

A very good question I would say, coming from someone who was irritating like a bee.

I judged him irritating.


Simple answer.


I am awesome, you are not. I can judge you just because of that.

That kinda answer usually dumbfucks people.


I thought we agreed on the statement 'I'm not elitist. I'm just better than everyone else'.




I forgot all about that.


if it's genetics...is elitism a recessive or dominant gene?

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