Thursday, May 10, 2007

for tinkerbell

I was having a long chat with my friend TinkerBell. She has had this bloke issue for ages long. Since genesis, to be precise. So, I am telling you what I have always been telling her.

Lesson for you women out there:

1) Vincent is awesome. Listen to Vincent.

2) Don't be a moron. If you like some bloke, tell him. Pick up your balls.

3) Men have huge egos. Telling men that you think they are awesome is another way of verbally sucking their cocks. They will love you for it.

4) But of course, men are also assholes. If you fail, everybody will hear about how you asked him out.

5) Still, chances are pretty good because of (3).

This is a community service message brought to you by the B*tchingLOG.


Number 4 sucks....

But I think men like to continue telling everyone about it because they get smaller orgasms with each new telling. :D


bah humbug! you told me that you'd personally never go out with a woman who asks you out but you weren't physically attracted to! tell me which part of that isn't you being a hypocrite?

My dear,

Perhaps you would like to re-read number 4?


which is the perfect deterrent for any woman to just go and ask out a guy she fancies. so why not ask guys to stop being assholes instead of asking women to have the balls to ask y'all out?

Its written in our chromosomes the same way shopping and throwing tantrums are written in yours.

hey .... I can be an asshole. :)

heh. some men are responsible for feminism :)

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