Tuesday, May 29, 2007

you gotta be shitting me

Regret, they say isn't a very nice thing.

You can say that you shouldn't live a life of regret and that you should always look forward to what you are going to do next. Given a choice, some people insist that they are happy with every decision they had made - good or bad - and that they would do it the same way if they had to do it all over again.

I say that's all crap that people say to console themselves. People who say that they would repeat their mistakes again are morons who will never learn from their previous misjudgements. People who go around telling everybody that they shouldn't regret any past decisions are the people who never made a big enough mistake to begin with.

When I first graduated and came back to Malaysia, while looking for proper jobs and in between part time jobs, I had a brainwave of something I was VERY familiar with at that time. At the time, it was a no-brainer and I was surprised nobody else thought about it. When I blogged about it back then, I was apprehensive, mainly due to the fact that (1) I was a fresh grad with no experience to fall back on if this thing failed and (2) it seemed like a waste of money, time and brain power to study a ridiculously difficult degree and then do something totally unrelated. And till today, I keep telling myself - you gotta pay your dues. You can do whatever you want with your career, but you gotta pay your dues first.

A few months ago, I received a forwarded email from Minishorts where some dude was proposing a business plan. I rapped my head against the table then, and now, one and a half years after the brainwave, I rap my head on the table everytime I see a damn NuffNang advertisement (out of pure bitterness, I ain't linking the site :P). The concept was exactly as I thought of (except for two significant differences, the first - credit due to those blokes, I would never have dreamt of, the second - essentially the main money spinning mechanism of my idea, surprising that these guys never thought of it) but it was pretty much a carbon copy of the blueprint of my original plan.

But that alone wasn't enough to drive me crazy.

A major problem I thought of at that time was...In the initial stage of the project, when I hadn't struck deals with companies for me to run their ads, how the hell do I convince people to sign up and put a banner of my advertising company on their blog for minimal charge? I'll be damned, because that problem solved itself. Everyday, I see loads of people with NuffNang ads on their blogs, most of whom do not have advertisements assigned to them, and hence aren't paid. And yet, these people are more than happy to put an advertisement company's banner (it is a nice banner though) on their blog FOR NO CHARGE. And I'll be damned because A LOT of them were people who SWORE that they would NEVER run an ad on their blog.

And that drives me mad with the 'oh-what-could-have-beens'.

Now see, this is the funny part. Because I am fucking jealous and not afraid to admit it. I didn't have the guts to take the risk and again I am not ashamed of that. I am filled with regret that I didn't do it when I had the chance, but..BUT I know that the reasons for not doing it were good and valid reasons.

I still think that it would have been a waste to study engineering and not put it into practice (and I love engineering!). I could never understand how people could study something in university and then come out and do something totally different immediately. It's as if they weren't happy studying that in the first place. And I still think paying my dues was an important thing. An engineer with less than 3 years experience has got no selling point and is worthless. It would have been a horror trying to get a job if I did the business thingy, failed, and by then allowed my engineering knowledge to have rusted away. No, paying my dues was a MUST.

And why am I telling you all this? I don't care if you call me names. I acknowledge my shortcomings there. Yes, in a way I want to tell the world, "Hey I thought of that first!" and you may reserve the right to call me a big green eyed monster, but I challenge anybody in my situation to have nice blue eyes. Most importantly, I am saying all this because last week another brainwave hit me.

History always finds a way of repeating itself and biting you in the ass.


I'm not sure if you're going to hate me/us too :) You'll find out why at the end of the post.

Hehe. You know what? I came across your blog again recently through my RSS feeds, and I remember one particular post of yours that I read years ago.

It was about you buying extra, and selling art supplies at way above market price to your other classmates who forgot to bring theirs. I though that was pretty smart. Good for you to know your market and how you can set premium pricing, demand/supply etc, even at a young age.

Most of all though, I find it pretty surprising that I actually remember that. Or maybe its because you even have the same blog template after 3-4 years ;)

Anyway, thought you'll like to know there's a lot of other Malaysian innovation going on these few days, like -

www.tumpang.com, www.asiaparttime.com, www.manggatv.com, www.lifelogger.com (yes, lifelogger is malaysian!) you might want to check those sites out.

(Disclaimer: I am involved with the front end design for tumpang.com)

I think there was a patent official who said back in the 18th century that "all the great inventions have already been invented". Of course, we know that to be very wrong. I think that was before the paperclip was invented.

Not all the great ideas have been taken/already executed. I'm quite sure one day you'll come up with and launch another great, original idea or improve tremendously on an existing one :) Good luck with that!


Josh Lim


I don't hate them. I am just a very annoyed and bitter person.

oh the irony of it all. ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


do what you must do.


Well, I never did say that I would never have ads on my blog so I won't say anything about that.

Josh fuck off you sleazy bag of shit.


Oh, on a separate note, there was this guy who swore never to advertise anything when we needed help with the blog meet publicity stuffs.

That bugger later posted some rather, erm. Childish things.

Well, I don't enjoy a good relationship with most of the bloggers anyway.


FUCK OFF nuffpukinang, im not gonna make 2 young fresh asswipes grad from uk who dream of being rich by shaking legs and use the money to indulge in haagenpukidaz.

You go Josh, at least u have experience and established company.


Hehehe..this is a nice change.

For the first time EVER, I haven't heard of a blog war going on AND I am caught in between.



why should we give asswipes free publicity? they are already snake themselves into the blogsphere by creating cheap story on the blogs and socialising with teenagers bloggers by grinning their mouth muscle till jamming. Vincent, u dont have to worry, worst to worst asswipe will buy haagendaz again to boast or boost up his publicity or hits.

At least Josh is more professional in approaching bloggers.


I agree with your last comment, Vincent :P

Vincent... don't fret.

To be honest, things are pretty tough being on the blog advertising side as well. There's a lot of pressure to perform from both sides.. both bloggers and advertisers.

This ship might have already sailed but you will find plenty of other opportunities down the road of your life... some probably even bigger opportunities... ones that I'm sure you won't miss.

Do take care Vincent.

-Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang


I'm telling you, Vince...

the types your blog attracts lately is rather ... erm ... er ... interesting?

yep, I swore never to put up ads but I do want to support Nuffnang ... I would have supported Advertlets too as it's also a Malaysian company.

However ............ you know the rest.


Timothy: Of course it's tough. But by my (old) calculations, the money makes up for it, eh? Hehe..

People fighting on my blog....and I am not involved!!



Wahhhhhhh Vincent, that timon guy message to u so touching *yyyyyyaaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn*

josh? approaching bloggers? professional? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA wtf.

I've witnessed all the petty going ons in the blogosphere regarding criticism towards advertlets/nuffnang..and it's ALWAYS Josh who has to speak up to 'rectify' things with long ass comments. and there're always anonymous comments after Josh has had his say. and they usually attack Nuffnang..... .... makes us question the identity behind these anonymous commentator(s). hmm.

Snaky. As always.

Be matured, and let people have their say and focus on bringing better things to your company if you want to fight like a man. A grown man, please.


I honestly don't really give a shit about the background stories, but I shall say this:

If you know anybody studying Marketing, they can use this as an awesome case study example into brand loyalty and the illogical behaviour of consumers. Case in point - refer to all the above comments.

Now I remember why I loved those optional modules in Marketing that I did.


Nuffnang is fucking ambitious, its your nightmares, they have becomes blogsphere beggars that mostly pawed on gullible teenagers bloggers who thrived on free gifts.

OI jayalenial hindustani gal, the anonymous was anonymous becos nuffnang is scary. Advertlets have been around for longer than nuffnang but they never approached Xiaxue. But nuffnang was so fast to ride on Xiaxue fame. So, it proof that nuffnang will stop at nothing to gain profits. Thats why the anonymous was anonymous ler.

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