Sunday, June 10, 2007


You know what?
I think you and Xiaxue would make an awesome couple.
.........YOU MAD AR?!?
No, no, think about it. She's your age and smart. But she needs to drop the bimbo act.
Actually, yeah I think she's smart, like Paris Hilton*.......but...LU SIAO SI BOH?!?!
Plus, she bitches a whole lot too. Once she drops the bimbo act, both of you are sorted.
..!.. -_-" ..!..

*Sidenote: I honestly think that genius is very often misunderstood. You can diss Paris Hilton's look, attitude and the whole hoo-hah that she drags along everywhere she goes and everything she does. But you certainly cannot (not objectively anyway) diss her for the awesome antics she pulls to bring home the cash cow. That, my friends, is pure genius.

Fuck la whey, I hungry.
Go eat la.
Cannot cook. Fucking hicktown. I just got back, didn't know they have water cut.
Go out and eat la!
Lazy la, lock up already.
Call delivery la.
-_-" Delivery!? In Hicktown?! Are you fucken' kidding me!?!

Eh, go watch this video. It's the best you'll see for a long time.
What's it about?
These three buffalos get attacked by a pack of lions. The lions grab the baby buffalo but before they can tuck in and have a nice meal by the riverbank, a crocodile appears and tries to steal the baby buffalo. The lions eventually win, but again, before they can feast, the buffalos return with MAJOR reenforcements and kick the lions' ass. Literally. Not just chase them away, but actually kick their ass.
I swear there's a hidden meaning in life somewhere there.
Yeah, there will always be fat and stupid morons you can pounce on and rip off anytime of the day. Then don't get too comfy because there will always be assholes who try to take advantage of the situation and steal credit for all your hard work. But most importantly, you must always be cautious of the stupid morons because there are a shit load of them around and usually make up the majority with their herd-like mentality. Which can be a bitch most of the time...


Now I see the connection why you were promoting that damn video...

paris hilton is a genius. brilliant businesswoman, good at manipulating every situation for her own gain. just too much pink.

your friend is RIGHT! you and xiaxue would make a LOVELY couple .. LOL!

keng: that video teaches you about life. be careful when dealing with morons.

nyx: my friend is also nuts. :P


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