Monday, June 18, 2007

daily dose of karma

Once upon a time, when I first got out of university and first got back to Malaysia, I was an eager beaver looking for a job. Any job. People would scare me about how hard jobs would come around and how you shouldn't be fussy when choosing your first job.

I look back now and think of the fun I should have had by slapping the faces of the idiots who told me that. You shouldn't be too fussy. That much is true. But you should also screen your options properly and be clever about choosing your first job. As it turned out, I was too eager to start working and earning money that I took the first job that came my way.

The company was a small company. One boss, one salesman, one admin girl and myself - one engineer. The boss was a Singaporean dude. A prick in every sense of the word. Lied about everything. I had enough of his bullshit and I quit after 3 weeks. Today, I make it seem as if I never took the job in the first place. And legally, I didn't since he didn't register me with EPF and SOCSO. When I talk about my previous jobs, I never mention this one because it was rubbish and I hardly considered it a job. But since this is a story about karma, maybe I should stop dissing him and his mediocre company. He paid me on time, that much I give him credit for.

The other day, I attended one of those industrial exhibitions where there were hundreds of companies trying to sell their products. My current job for a fairly well-known company made me a potential customer. As I waltzed around the exhibition hall, I saw this dude and his booth from afar. An evil thought passed through my mind...
Beware of the toes that you step on today, for they may be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.
Should I go up and have a chat with him? Should I tell him that I am now better off at Company S? And then watch his face turn black as he tries to force a smile while selling me his product? And all this even though I know that his product is totally unrelated to my line of work (but he doesn't need to know that). Wouldn't it be fun to have him kiss my ass after he stomped on my toes?

Arrogance is fun sometimes. Revenge is satisfying always.

But as I walked over to his booth, I suddenly remembered the saying. Sure, he stepped on my toes the other day. And I am about to have him kiss my ass today. But that can also be construed as me stepping on his toes TODAY. What if for some fucked up reason I have to kiss his ass tomorrow? Karma is funny that way.

I turned around and walked away. Let bygones be bygones.


You are nice.

An acquantaince of mine, went for an interview at a company. He was disses by the interviewer saying he is not good enough, not qualified enough, simply not worth the interviewer time.

He then, like you, now work in a well known company. He was in charge of reviewing and submitting approval for a product. That interviewer, had to meet him to sell his product to his company..

My acquantaince, don't think about karma, and says this is not good enough. Hoho..

But it is great that you took a moment and chose to just let it go.


Haha! Nice and Vincent usually don't appear in the same sentence very often.

Actually, besides the karma part, I think professionalism is the key point here.

Even though he was an asshole, I resigned normally, thanked him and everything. I know some friends who, on their last day of the job wrote a damning letter critisizing everything about the company.

That, I don't agree with.


Hi Vincent,

You did the right thing there.. :) very matured thinking..



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