Friday, June 08, 2007

ethical dilemma

So you're on the LRT.

It isn't even rush hour but there aren't any seats available. Except one of those grey seats reserved for old people, handicapped people and pregnant women.

You take the seat anyway, because you can always get up when someone who needs it comes along. And because there is a hot babe next to the empty seat.

At the next stop, an old lady walks in with her grandson who is not a day under 12 years old. Hot babe immediately gets up and gives the old lady her seat. No worries, you think, the next needy one gets my seat.

Except that instead of taking the seat, the old lady gives it to her grandson. But instead of doing the right thing, the fucking brat takes the seat, leaving his old grandmother to stand.

So now you are faced with an ethical dilemma. A quick glace at hot babe sees her pretty face squirming with anger, which validates my dilemma since I am not the only one in two minds about this.

Should I get up and give the old lady her seat which I would gladly do in any other situation? Or should I let her stand because that fucking brat of her grandson should be the one standing, since hot babe gave HER the seat and not his young ass?

You tell me what you would do, and I tell you what I did.

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you gave the seat to the hot babe, then let her give it to the grandma?

i'd have given grandma my seat and then spent the rest of the trip giving the hot babe understanding glances and carried on an unspoken exchange about the situation with her. haha. erm.

Tell the kid that he should give his grandmother the seat but get up and offer my seat to the grandmother anyway.

Give my seat to the gramma and then proceed to evict the stupid brat from his... or perhaps from the train itself...

Well, if he's 5 then its alright; but now that the fucker's 12, he should sek zou abit, since Moral Education taught in school should have taught him that he should stand up and give his seat to his elders.

A little off tangent, but the moral education in primary school was way better than the moral we had in secondary school.

Well, my stand: Stand up and bitch about the kid with the chick.


lishun: All you need now are some male organs and you would be well on your way since you are more than capable of thinking like one. Haha!

How about this fellas?

The old woman is obviously not about to collapse due to exhaustion otherwise she wouldn't give her seat to the brat. So how about leaving your fat ass on the seat and continue reading your book?


an open invitation to trolls and moralists. good job, vincent.

Give your seat to the hot chick in exchange for phone number.

Bro, you and that young chickoo have already done your part. What the old lady chooses to do with the seat is really up to her.

The more important thing to remember is: Did you get the chickoo's phone number?


since grandma has an iq of 98, i say pity her and give he the seat so that u'll look like a nice guy to the hotty...hahah....what the grandma shud have done is sit down then let the little brat rest his sorry lil ass on her....and yeah...u got her number anot?

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