Monday, June 25, 2007

lesson of the day

So, how's Tweety?
Oh. Long gone la. History.
Ah, fucking finally mate...
She really annoyed you too, huh?
Dude, she annoyed everybody la.
Why didn't you tell me?

Lessons you can learn from this:
  1. You need friends who can tell you that you are a moron when you are being one.
  2. When you find friends like that, you then need to TRUST them.
  3. Stop thinking with your dick.
Oh, and as always, listen to Vincent.


Telling your friend about his girlfriend being a total bitch is hard but it's even worst when he tells u that you're just plain jealous.

Nah, never had that problem with many of my buddies. This is why honesty and trust should be the most important elements of a friendship.

yeah especially if u can spot the gf fake nose from 200km away on manly face....blablabla~~~

i fully support u, vincent honeyyyy


Well, somehow despite me telling my friends to tell me off for being a bitch yields nothing.

Cheryl, I didn't know you read Vincent.

-Dr. Tan (In school, don't want to sign in)


ha ha can i say love is blind? well outsiders always get better view than those involved in. once get involved in, ppl tends to view things from his point of view. i can't spot a shop without the address when i am actually on the busy street. it can be easily spot on the MAP ha ha...

Dr Tan : Don't be silly. Everybody reads Vincent. Or at least used to.



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