Friday, June 29, 2007

powermasters optimus prime

I reckon I started watching Transformers circa 1990. The version they were showing on TV at that time was the Powermasters series which had pretty cool designs (for that time) compared to the ugly G1. Which was why when I watched the orginal animated movie later on, I actually hated it because it was ugly as hell. All boxy and stuff....and where the hell did the trailer dissapear to?!?

My first Transformers toy was naturally the Powermasters Optimus Prime since that was the hit version at that time. As I grew up, I grew darker (er, eviler I mean) and started worshipping the bad guys, but still, this Optimus Prime was a first.

I got it in Standard One as a combined birthday present and a reward for finishing 3rd in class (it would be my highest ever finish, because as I grew up, I also grew lazier).

But anyway...

Let's start from the trailer mode. The Powermaster series is a lil' different from the others because they actually have a human that er, energises the machine. Oh yeah, I am not exactly an expert on Transformers, and I am kinda lazy to do research, so I might be a little wrong sometimes. Best you ask Eyeris.

Like I said, this particular toy is in quite bad condition due to all the banging around that he used to go through. Or more like the banging that I put him through. The human here is kinda cacat - he is missing an arm but he sure is an amazing contortionist.

You basically need to stick that human dude on the front of the truck before you can transform it to robot mode. There is a sort of a locking mechanism and I remember this stupid kid from school breaking his toy because he didn't put the human thingy in the front to unlock the catch.

And like G1, the truck can transform into the (mini) robot. This particular toy doesn't come with a gun for the mini robot - the gun you see is meant for the trailer and the larger robot. Besides, I lost one gun.

The difference between the Powermasters Optimus Prime and the G1 Optimus Prime is that the trailer does actually serve a purpose. When the mini robot is getting his ass whooped, he can transform again to become a larger robot.

My favourite part of the the whole robot is actually the head which looks bloody cool. The whole toy is about 12 inches tall, like the movie version toy. But the movie version Optimus has a blinking small head that kinda looks disproportionate.

As you can see, the toy is in fairly bad shape. The trailer is missing a wheel, the human is missing an arm, one black gun is missing and the stickers are all faded and scratched due to the years of banging and crashing about. Oh, and the truck's exhaust pipes are broken too.

If you thought the movie version Optimus Prime was expensive at RM195 - consider a few things. The design of the movie version Optimus so much cooler and complicated allowing for flexible limb movements, all the way down to the fingers. This one is kinda boxy and can't bend any of its limbs. And this one cost RM300 SEVENTEEN years ago!


Man, I could never bring myself to transform them properly. For some reason, I used to be terrified that I'd snap a limb or head or uber cool transforming part off.

My wasted childhood. Lol.


My goodness, RM300 17 years ago?

That would have gotten, I don't know. But still its a hefty sum.

Speaking of hefty figures, lets not bring up any imaging equipment.


this was a completely crappy toy, haha. i know because i have it too. it's like a brick, and you have to stick stickers on the mini prime (before combing with trailer) to give him his front panels. hehe

And the larger robot has teeny weeny little arms! HAhahahaha
And no I cannot bring myself to buying a toy for hundreds of RM... Someone buying it for me however would be quite the different story..


Heh, I have the same toy too. Didn't realize that we both have the same one until I dropped by today.

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