Tuesday, June 26, 2007

transformers week

If you grew up in the 80's or early 90's, chances are you would be looking forward to the most hyped up movie since....er, Pirates 3. The one thing awesome about being in Hicktown (and I keep boasting about this) is the fact that I can practically waltz into the cinema at any given time on any given day and get a movie ticket without really having to queue up.

In fact, the only time I didn't manage to get a ticket on the day itself was when Spiderman 3 just came out and I refused to pay 10 bucks to sit in front. So, I bought a ticket for the following day and watched it then. Oh, did I not mention I have loads of time to kill?

So anyway, here I was thinking...Transformers should be hot. I'll buy the ticket two days in advance and watch it on Thursday when it gets released to normal people like myself. But the most un-fucking-believable thing happened. Apparently, AhBengs and Mat Rempits grew up with Transformers too, because the tickets were all completely sold out from Thursday right up till Sunday, with nothing other than the front rows and side seats left.

But I'll figure something out.....

Anyway, in line with the hype, I visited the Transformers convention (if you can call it that) last weekend, and got myself a movie version Optimus Prime...

only RM195!

I still have problems with the front of the truck when he transforms...it's damn messy.

And, for the next few days, I shall be blogging about the rest of my (puny) Transformers collection, including my battered war veteran Powermaster Optimus Prime (in bad shape) and what Eyeris tells me is a rare Beastwar Megatron....woohoo!


taruh the picture first then we see if it really is Megatron. maybe some cheapass knockoff instead... ahahhaha

i say man, now your turn pulak transformer week?

Ok, it's official. Almost every blog that I visit are talking about transformers.

Dr Tan - I read Vincent's blog from time to time


Well, I did watch it abit, but somehow I have this feeling I didn't get to watch it much.

I think because it was cancelled a little while after I started watching.

But, RM195?


Die Hard 4! Die Hard 4! Die Hard 4!


eyeris: I did some long hard research and it isn't. It is this dude called Deszaras.

simon: Yah mah. Grew up with it what. And Ninja Turtles, but that's a different story.

cheryl: It is called Secondary Childhood Syndrome. Ahaks.

tan (No more doctor business): RM195 is cheap. In those days, the crappy immobile Optimus Prime cost 300 bucks...17 years ago!

tigerjoe: That would be the second most anticipated movie of the summer for me. Yipee-ki-yay motherfucker! Haha!

k3ng: Go buy la. You richer than me what.


Oh, and Eyeris...I checked ebay, someone actually bid USD$150 for it, and it was missing all the guns.

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