Monday, July 02, 2007

transformers was rubbish

Okay okay...quick quiz before I proceed.

1) What was the difference between Pirates 1, Pirates 2 and Pirates 3?
2) What was the difference between Spidey 1, 2, and 3?

The answer??


All three pirates were cool. All three spideys sucked ass. Seriously, what is wrong with you people?!? They all had the same style, same characters and same theme. In Pirates, you had Jack Sparrow (awesome as ever) and in Spidey, you had er, Tobey Mcguire (bapuk as ever). So why do you people complain that Spidey 3 sucked when in truth it was no different from Spidey 1 and 2, in the fact that that whole franchise sucked ass from the start?

The point here?

Micheal Bay still sucks camel's dick.

I just walked out of the cinema hall, utterly underwhelmed and annoyed (to be fair, I get annoyed at pretty much anything, so that really isn't anybody's fault) because Transformers was dissapointing like hell.

You, you, and you.....all your reviews only served to dissapoint me. This is like a pimp promising you that you get to screw Angelina Jolie when you walk through his door. You walk in, and sure enough Angelina Jolie is lying naked on the bed. Of course she looks gorgeous, but throughout the whole performance she does nothing but lie there and in the end you go home dissapointed. So much hype, such an awesome presentation, but nothing to show for. Potong stim saja. If you had ever critisized Pearl Harbour for being shitty, then so is Transformers. The premise is all the same. Big bangs, big effects, big story, big dissapointment. Its not horrible, its just very dissapointing.

Transformers was a cool movie. Period. It served its purpose as a high budget summer blockbuster. I will remember it as a cool and entertaining movie, just like Pirates, just like Spidey, but that is it. Yes, the Autobots transforming and rolling out was cool. Transforming sound was cool, but that all just means that there is an awesome special effects team working behind the scenes in this movie.

Awesome? Please, you need to get yourself a dictionary before you can qualify yourself to use that word. Did anybody even manage to follow the fight scene properly? Who the fuck is fighting who? Who the hell was that that got ripped apart? Hey, wait a minute, what the hell happened there?

At least I know Die Hard 4.0 will improve my mood. Problem is, it only get released on Thursday in Hicktown. Till then, yipee-ki-yay motherfuckers..



Yes, I did that jsut to annoy you. ahahaha.

you're beginning to sound like The visitor: http://seventh-art.blogspot.com/2007/06/total-wreck.html


I saw Die Hard 4 last week. Heh.

i'd watch it again. just for the coolness of it all. whee.

hah! dun tell me you didnt see that coming! i mean, i accept that the movie is relevant because of its (arguably) cult following. but to expect it to be great, in the general sense how a movie could be great? aiyaa... u gotta be kidding me.

chalk it up to be as just another usual big blockbuster summer fare. nothing more, nothing less.

... but hey, at least u watched it in kuantan, where tickets should be cheaper? =D


eyeris: The Visitor is RIGHT you know. I was so annoyed I just wasn't bothered to spell it out like he did.

TJ: Yipee-ki-yay mofo!

lishun: I'll download it or something, and fast forward to the part where the Autobots meet for the first time.

fadh: This is where I might have to take a cue from you and your Matrix story. I read too many reviews of people saying it was the movie awesome movie of the year. And I got dissapointed.


I just watched it a couple of hours ago. I agree. All the 'FUCKING AWESOME BEST MOVIE EVER' reviews are bullshit. It was just cool. I'll link you to my review later.

haha.. I liked Pearl Harbour. Was too distracted by Josh Hartnett to bother about anything else.

Josh Hartnett? Yuck...

Kate Beckinsale? Ahhh... Nice.


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