Monday, July 30, 2007

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Missed me already, I see?

Vincent has been busy. Very busy. And actually very lazy. I was supposed to blog about a lot of things - like the Harry Potter thingy. Like how I went to Kinokuniya at 5am so I could snap pictures of crazy people (although I agree, my actions in itself were crazy too - because no sane person would line up at 5am to get a book, then chuck it aside for two days before reading it). Then I was supposed to blog about that 'child murderer' bloke issue which I will still do, because that story holds dear for me.

Also, I kinda wanted to write something about the boogers in the newspapers and how these boogers seem to be fighting with ministers and everything in the name of free speech. The latest word on the street is that some mad people lodged a police report against the PM for some stuff whachamalit which I really couldn't be bothered about....except that in this one blog some random socialist blogger said that since the PM is a blogger too, we should show solidarity to all boogers and freedom of speech.

Did you manage follow all that? I have no fucking idea what the real juice is. Malaysiakini and Malaysia-today - what's the difference la? Who gives a hoot about certain boogers going to jail or actually being politically inclined (gasp! the travesty! I thought all those articles were unbiased!)? I swear it is easier to keep with the news on Iraqi car bombs than it is to follow what these boogers are doing. I reckon its the same thing.

Nobody outside Iraq really bothers about how many car bombs go off on a daily basis, and nobody outside the 'circle of moronic boogers' actually give a shit about these boogers and their freedom of speech. If you had no idea what that mini-rant was about, good for you mate. Some people really need to get off the Internet just for a few minutes and go watch a live sex show or something. Go the the zoo or Aquaria or heck, go sit on the Eye on Malaysia for a bit la..

Like I always say, be careful when trying to keep an open mind - it might just fall out.

But since time is of the essense and my priorities lie elsewhere, keep yourself occupied with outrage (or glee, whichever floats your boat). Here are pictures of an item sold in the market place in one of the Hicktowns in my side of the world...

I can assure you that these aren't ping pong balls...

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sad. they are turtle eggs.wuu... looking at the first picture, i thought they are fish balls.
what?! you went there at 5am? for that book? did you get Hedwig plushie though?


Now here's an issue that's not getting enough noise about...

From the picture, there seem to be 2 types of eggs, or is just the colour / brightness of your cam?


Jeevs : The darker yellowish ones are raw - they still have grains of sand stuck to them. The whiteish ones are cooked, I think.

How do they taste? like chicken eggs?

turtle eggs eh?

save the turtles!

save the world!


k3ng: Funnily enough, I have a soft spot for turtles. I'll eat the terrapins, but turtle eggs are out of bounds.

lishun: Don't be silly. Saving the turtles won't save the world. Now that we have bloggers becoming politicians and we have people who label the PM as a blogger, this is the end of the world as we know it.


Vadey! I thought the sale of turtle eggs were outlawed.

Unless, of course, those are imitation turtle eggs. Or pretend eggs, like the pretend-egg candy I used to buy for 5 sen at the school canteen. I miss 5 sen kacang too, and 10 sen karipap (with meat inside) and 20 sen roti canai...


sometimes i think that pple eat turtle eggs just for the fact that it is a rare thing to eat. like, lay off it laa~!! so many other less endangered halal things to eat.

disgusting. unfortunately i know pple who do this. =(


Haha, reading about you having a soft spot for turtles is... cute?

Well, for selfish reasons (ecosystem doesn't get fucked up; my kids getting to see actual animals; I like some animals), I don't like the idea of turtle eggs being sold.


telur penyu! i knew it before i read the comments :D had one in kuantan when i was a wee kid. took one bite, spat it out, never again. kinda scarred me psychologically tho..

i sat on the Eye on Msia before. rocky.


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