Wednesday, August 08, 2007

flipping burgers

Well, yes, even though some people were born and destined to flip burgers their entire life, you would think that there was a certain pre-requisite to how dumb somebody is allowed to be when they grow up.

The other day I was at Pizza Hut and I ordered a set meal. One drink + one soup + one pizza. The drink and the soup came first. I was annoyed (I am told I get annoyed too easily) because the soup was only lukewarm, so I called the waitress over to change it.

She protested, saying that she just scooped it out of the central pot. (Pizza Hut usually has a centralised salad bar and soup pot where people should help themselves, but the self-service concept doesn't really work in Hicksville). I told her that it was lukewarm and I didn't like it that way.

So off she went, with my bowl of soup and dumped it behind the kitchen counter. And then to my amazement, she grabbed a new bowl from the counter, took it to the central soup pot and then scooped the same lukewarm soup into the new bowl. If that's not defined as 'stupid' I don't know what else is.

The story ended when I asked her to actually take the damn thing and chucking it in the microwave or whatever they have back there in their kitchen. And 5 minutes later, she came back with a proper bowl of pipping hot soup.

Seriously, if you work at a fast food joint flipping burgers or serving pizza and can't get your job right, you need to shoot yourself in the face because there isn't another job out there which you would be competent enough to perform..



Man, this are the kinds of people who make wait staff look bad.

Unfortunately, most of the wait staff make some of the good ones look bad as well.


i sure hope there wasn't anything ELSE in that bowl other than just "pipping hot soup".

as much as i agree that people in the service industry need to adhere to the "the customer is always right" rule, i also believe that it's not really wise to mess with people who are serving the food you eat.


I am many things, but I am not dumb.

I never yell at wait staff. Thatwould be stupider than screwing up serving soup.


I had Mr Pizza Hut Manager came to sit beside us while getting our order down. So, I told my friend who was working at the HQ loh. Don't know if they took action or not, hmm hmm.

Omg thats like so effing stupid.

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