Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Are you concerned?
You know how many people get raped everyday?
So it's common, therefore boring?
If we were to care about every person suffering on the planet, life would shut down.
How about just the ones we meet?!
They deserve our sympathy more than the other people?!?!?

House 312 - One Day, One Room

That particular episode of House is one of my favourite, though not entirely because of that quote. Still, I can relate a lot to Dr. House and his logic because I reckon I think along the same icy-cold hearted reasoning. See, because compassion is one thing and indifference is totally different fish in a totally different sea. Whether it is a good quality or not, I can't seem to decide, but that is how it is.

If something bad happens and it affects me, then sure, the selfish nature of all living creatures kicks in and I will feel aggrieved, angered, or even sympathy. Take for example, the current Korean hostage crisis with the Taliban.

Should I be concerned? Well, yes.
But am I concerned? Er, no.

I don't know any of the hostages personally. I am powerless to do anything about it. Thousands of people die everyday for reasons equally ludicrious and circumstances even more complicated than this, but because there is an extra publicity for this story, people seem to be more outraged at this situation. Some friends of mine actually admitted to crying at the hostages' predicament.

I am saying all this because just last week, I got a phone call from a friend who asked me if I remember a bloke I met one year ago at a party. I recall not liking him very much because he was loud and annoying (only I am allowed to be loud and annoying). I met the fella once and that was it. I didn't even remember his face. When my friend told me that the guy had hung himself in his room.......I laughed.

Call me sick, call me mad, call me an asshole. But I laughed. That was my initial reaction. Somebody took their life and I laughed. I have an unforgiving view on suicide, and whether or not you agree with it is not the issue at hand. All I am saying here is I am indifferent to things like this. When I told this story to one of my best friends, she said she reckoned it was my way of reacting to an uncomfortable situation. Which is weird, because I never likened myself to Chandler Bing anyway.

I would spare a thought if I actually knew the person. If the person was a friend, not a mere acquiantance. If the person was a family member of course. But for anybody else? Indifference can be a good thing sometimes.

I know I sleep well at night.


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