Sunday, August 26, 2007

the long overdue rants of the angry blogger


Howdy ho, loyal fans of Vincent the Great!

Yes, yes....I have been busy. Very busy. Travelling here and there too. But that isn't the whole story. I have also been very lazy. Actually, I have been lazy most of my life for as long as I can remember. Which is perfectly alright I reckon. Laziness is a perfectly good excuse for not getting things done - even though in theory those things would benefit me and theoretically make me happier. No, I am not talking about this blog if you were wondering. No sir, this blog doesn't benefit me - it benefits you people because I am giving you insight into the wonderful mind of a genius.

Anyway, have you people been around the Bukit Bintang area recently? I was in town last week for work and all the major hotels were fully booked. I had to stay in a reasonably okay-ish hotel, but I am not quite complaining because my colleague only managed to get a room in a crappy backalley-ish hotel which was so cheap it gave out The Sun newspapers to their guests in the morning. The reason for all this is that it is peak travel season for our lovely Arabian friends.

Take a stroll down Bintang Walk and you could swear you were in Dubai or Qatar. I walked into the lobby of Lot 10 and the only people I could see around me were Arabs, Arabs and more Arabs. I don't care what you people say about the NEP and all that mumbo jumbo, this is the ultimate way of feeling like a foreigner in your own country. A good number of the signboards are in Arabic. Purely Arabic! I had never before seen a signboard in my own country which I couldn't read!

I walked into a shop selling factory outlet sporting apparels, and when I was looking at stuff to buy from the bin, I asked this Malay-looking chap, "Ni berapa ni?" "Twenty nine ninety nine, sir!" Fuck me silly and call me chappy! Since when did Bahasa Malaysia become outdated in shops?!? On a sidenote, what is up with all the restaurant waiters who can't understand English, Malay and Mandarin?! I have this whacko theory that we need to stop educating a certain percentage of the population so that we can rely on them to do mundane tasks like that instead of bringing in foreigners. But because that would take too long to explain to you people, I shall save it for another day when I am not that that lazy (hah! fat chance!)

This reminds me of an idea some dunno-what minister pitched a couple of years ago to have this section of Bukit Bintang designated as sort of a Little Arab street. The logic was to make the Arabian tourists feel more at home. Alas, and as always the case, the Malaysian Online Community of Morons (MOCOM) or more commonly known by their pet name of 'bloggers' decided that this was a bad idea, a stupid idea. "Why would tourists want to feel at home?" they asked. "Why would Arabs come all the way from Arab to congregate in Little Arab?" they challenged, before they (as always) spread their personal political agenda.

Well, as is typical of Bloggers, most of them function only to sit in front of the computer and hope that Wikipedia and Google can show them the world. Unfortunately, Wikipedia doesn't tell you that Vincent has seen Chinese people travel all the way to Paris to eat Dim Sum and some Americans go to Cambodia for hamburgers. Just like how the Malaysian students in UK and Australia go all the way there to form their own Malaysian kampungs.

On a slightly happier note, one of those posh supermarkets has finally opened in Hicktown. In case you didn't already know, I cook most of my meals at home. And when I say 'cook' I don't mean Maggi Mee and fried eggs. Now I no longer have to buy good ham and sausages and imported food products from KL. I did my grocery shopping just now and spent more than RM150, mostly on spices and pretentious stuff that you probably have never heard of before. My only beef is that everything seems to come in huge big family packs. What? You fucking bachelors don't know how to cook issit? What is wrong with you people?! What the hell do expect me to do with 1 kilo of table salt?!?

A few more days to go before Merdeka, and it looks like there won't be any Merdeka projects from this blog this time around. After the success of the previous two years, it would have been sensible to keep the flag flying, but again, I am just too lazy to do anything. I will, in most probability write a long essay of sorts just to educate the MOCOM of certain things going on outside their comfort zone of the Klang Valley and do my usual bit of trying to change the country, albeit one moron at a time.

But till then, good night, au reviour and don't be stupid.


"Just like how the Malaysian students in UK and Australia go all the way there to form their own Malaysian kampungs."

haha good one.


That's why I stay far away from the Malaysian community when I'm all the way in another country. We came here to mix with the rest of the world not hide in the same ol same ol.

I left it to be far away from everything damnit!!

Except maybe the food.


I don't agree with totally sidelining the Malaysian community though.

Everything must be done in moderation.


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