Thursday, August 30, 2007

random conversation between men

If you needed further evidence to my theory that all men are assholes, albeit funny ones:

"Wah, you heard her story or not? Cannot make up things like that man."

"Yalah, fucker.........highly experienced"

"That is why we like her...my dream girl you know"

"Don't you both have girlfriends?"

"So? This one different. Anyway, we need to get a cloning machine."

"Or we could just kill her boyfriend"

"Eh fucker, after kill her boyfriend she still got one hole only. I don't want to share with you okay."

"Bodoh. We kill her boyfriend, after that I kill you la. Doh"



Most guys are fuckers, which is why I choose my friends carefully.

simple math indeed.

dr tan: Please don't kid yourself. I said ALL men, not MOST men. Hah!

Bottoms up Vincent!

Of course, there are many ways of being assholes.


vincent no gf i presume?

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