Thursday, September 06, 2007

holy fuck

Okaylah you all know I have been busy and stuff. But there is no excuse for me not knowing this piece of information. I know it is old news and a lot of you have probably heard about it already...but I JUST heard about it today so here is my mandatory rant.

Remember her?!?!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would definately remember her as the fat one that somehow managed to win Miss Malaysia by some freak of nature. And unless you are a socialist or a moron, not many people get the honour to appear on this blog TWICE. This post makes it THREE.

She got a lot of stick for being fat and er.......being fat, but my critisism was directed mostly at her being pompous and her representing Malaysia yet she was unable to string together one coherant sentence in our national language.

Today, I heard from a friend that she became the ambassador for Marie France - you know, the slimming thingyamajig. But before I could scoff at someone trying to teach a crab to walk straight, he sent me a before and after picture:


This is by far the best fucking choice for a celebrity endorsement in the fucking history of the advertising industry!! MARIE FRANCE WORKS! IT FUCKING WORKS! UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!

Look I never believed in all this slimming bullshit but this is actual proof that this shit actually works! People have been telling me all night, "Of course it works! Do you know how much it fucking costs?!" Well, people are buying pills to try to make their dicks bigger all the time but it doesn't work, does it?

Well done Marie France.

As for Andrea, looks can change. Unfortunately, being pompous doesn't.


i love photoshop

i am running to Marie France tommorrow

i think it would be better to get photoshop instead of going to Marie France. same case for Britney Spears. her album pictures and MV will never show her real self.

Waa dem late la you vincent...

gavin..it isn't photoshop..

she's on singapore tv now as well, doing hosting jobs etc..


Well for the amount of money that you have to pay, it HAS to work.


you might or might not already know.



Hang on, didn't Marie France work on whatsherface who caught a robber by sitting on him? I wonder how that turned out.


her name sounded like filipinos.maybe got filipinos heritage, who knows

vincent honey, maybe tat anon abv is she herself promoting herself 2u..lolzzz


Walao, fat like a pig still can represented Malaysia on the stage....... is that contest of beauty or fatty??



Walao, bad English like AhBeng oso still can written blog?!?!

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