Monday, October 15, 2007

con job

I swear, there is no better eviler way to make money than to con unsuspecting kampung folk. Or at least, err...katak-di-bawah-tempurung folk.

Look dad! Flat TV!
What's so good about it?
Dunno...my friend at school says its the latest technology!
Oh, okay. Let's buy it! So cheap summore!


same to those sale slogan: MASSIVE SALE, MEGA SALE, ETC.well we go for that as well :P the power of advertisement :P

how much were they selling that?

simon: About 400 bucks if I remember correctly

interesting...puta bigger box around the CRT and call it a flat tv..

Well, they didn't say it was a Flat SCREEN.

Haha, they said Super Flat, which to be fair - the box is kinda super flat innit?




yup... the price of crude oil is the same all over the world, but the price of petrol per litre locally is different all over the world.

thanks for dropping by though.


Yes, yes. But do you know why?


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