Friday, October 19, 2007

just wondering...

It seems that the latest bright idea in the news is that the government is going to establish a registry of sex offenders and pedophiles. It is proposed that the names of these maniacs along with their offenses be made public in newspapers and on the Internet to ensure that this list is accessible to a wide audience.

Now this is nothing new and is being practiced in many countries around the world. Some proposals have even called for these perverts' address to be made public so that we would know if one of them is lurking around our neighbourhood. In the wake of the brutal Nurin murder, nobody in the right mind is going to oppose such a move. Heck, you can tell that even the opposition and socio-political *ahem* morons *ahem* bloggers approve of this move on the count that they haven't written anything about it.

However, I was just wondering...

If you pick up the newspapers on any given day, a good number of the sexual offenses against kids are incest cases. Father raping daughter. Grandfather raping granddaughter. Uncle raping niece.

So, if you come up with a sex offenders registrar, how do you protect the identity of these victims and their family members?


um. um.. don't tell the media that is an incest. can this work?
maybe heavier penalty should be given to those rapists!
Nurin was a pretty girl. i was so shocked to learn her death from news. how can people be so cruel to an inoffensive child? the society is sick. we are sick..


sacrifice for the greater good. HAHAHAHAHAHA

I feel this is good idea. and feel so sad with those cases such as Nurin's case. es, how can these people be so cruel to a little child.

That doesn't answer my question, does it?

As the first comment.. don't tell exactly that its incest.

Something like... " Sexual Predator No 134. Name: xxxx xxxx , Age: x, Description:xxx, latest pic: , crime: found guilty raping an 8 yr old minor. "

Not all info have to be divulged and most minor cases of rape and molestation, name of victims are withheld as seen in newspaper. Excepting usually murder cases..


Having a registry does not solve the problem. Neighter does it help. I believe the prevention is the teach the children against these people.

good point there...

but another problem foresee, which isnt a big one is the beauty of malaysian names. i have had friend whose son's name was published in the papers as candidate for the national killing spree aka national service... only to find out that it was not him after verifying the IC number.

even if IC number is published for this sex offenders, some ppl out there is going to have a lot of childish ppl laughing at them when they bear similar names to those monsters.


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