Tuesday, October 02, 2007

story of the day

Vincent has the scruffy look again.

The last time I had the scruffy look was somewhere around this time last year when our Muslim friends were in their fasting month. This woman at the chap fan stall stared at me real hard before she served me. Only when I uttered a word of Cantonese did she reply back in Cantonese, "Oh I thought you were Malay." The woman at the McDonalds drive through also frowned at me before serving me.

Still, today's story beats the other two hands down.

I went to KFC for lunch. When it came to my turn and I stepped forward the cashier greeted me with the coldest greeting ever:

"Take away, ke?"
"Dok, nak makang"
"Orang Melayu tidak dibenarkan makan di sini!"
"Tau, tapi aku owang Cina"
Still not visibly pleased, she stared at me real hard before finally deciding it wasn't wise to lose a customer. As she served me, there was a little Malay kid at the next counter with his mum who was ordering food at the same time. Before I could grab my tray and take a seat, the kid looked up to me and asked, "Abang makan sini ke?" His mother dragged him off before I could reply, so I flashed him a smile.

Every other person I know has told me to shave off the caveman goatee and do away with the Malay accent (and speak in broken Malay), but I think useful for getting me into hilarious in situations like this!


Life doesn't have to get boring.



hehe.. kampung hang kat tengganu kaa?

u actually spoke in terengganu dialect??

heheheh i think you just enjoy controversy ;) ah well, watever makes you happy


enjoy: No, I'm a KL guy who found myself in that part of the world.

fadh: Yah, purposely. I told you. I thought it was funny.


dude. you don't look like a malay to me.

vince, can u post a pic on urself plssss, if u dun mind, becos we wan c for ourself

kind of impossible for him to post his picture. it is good enough to share his points of view. if you can believe him, then go on... anyway i think he has mentioned before about what others comment on his look -- he is cute. hehe sometimes imagination makes thing perfect. according to his blog popularity, fair enough if he doesn't want EVERYONE pointing at him and whispering there. ho ho.


I can imagine how you look like. Right? Heh


You people are hilarious.

I didn't say I was good looking. I SAID I was fucking awesome. Make what you wish out of that la.


Cashier: "Orang Melayu tidak dibenarkan makan di sini!"

You should have said, kenapa? KFC tak halal ke? That would be hilarious.


... he won't make himself look stupid... since he knows well about what PUASA is.

ykay: To be fair, what she meant wasn't that the Malays couldnt eat at all. She said tidak dibenarkan makan di sini. Literally. Because a lot of Malay guys came in a tapao their food and went away.

But you're right. It would have been fucking hilarious.


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