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vincentism makes sense!

I said this the other day, but allow me to repeat myself. One year ago, if you asked me to make a wish, I would have asked for a hundred billion dollars. Recently, I've come to realise that it wasn't the money that I craved - it was the power that came along with it. So today, if I had one wish, I want to be God.

Remember my take on the whole God issue? Well, to be fair, it isn't exactly the WHOLE issue, but just a portion of it. See, here's the thing. With religion, there is always the age old argument of scientific proof versus unexplained believes. I am stuck half-way between the two because I am an engineer and an annoyingly inquisitive prick who cannot accept things without proper scientific proof or at least a logical theory to back up events. On the other hand, I also believe in things like Karma.

Introducing Vincentism!

Okay granted this doesn't quite explain everything, but it does explain a couple of points. In any how, I don't expect to be Grand Master until I am 50 years old (old people are seemingly more credible) so I have a lot of time to work out how many other things work.

In the beginning...

In simple terms which you will understand, think of God the Creator (if need be, I'll decide on his name later) as a blacksmith of sorts. He creates stuff. He created our solar system and our planet and he created life as we know it. Think of yourself as nothing but robots in built with an Artificial Intelligence system. This is how we can think for ourselves and ensure our constant survival. We are Frankenstein monsters that God created and is now powerless to control, unless of course he sends an asteroid flying our way.

Scientifically, it makes sense. We are trying to put AI into robots and our machines, but being narcisstic little twats, we never thought of ourselves as God's AI robots. There is a big bloke somewhere around, but of course we can't see him because he is that damn fucking huge. I mean, he created our solar system as we know, so of course he is a big as hell. If you are asking why we can't see him even though he is so huge, well ask yourself if you think a mosquito 100 metres away from you can see you. One day, if we do actually develop a rocket that could travel all that far, maybe we will get to see Him, after which he will swat us down like how we would the mosquito.


The good thing about religion is that it keeps people in line with the norms of society. Can't go around raping people, killing people, etc... It uses fear as a powerful weapon to keep people in check. Do this, and you won't get to sit on God's lap in the afterlife. Do that, and God will reward you aplenty. The thought of a spirit residing in us that gets to travel to a heaven and hell when we die is pretty far-fetched and scientifically impossible to prove.

Vincentism doesn't believe that the Almighty God gives a shit about you and I the same way you wouldn't give a shit about the paramecium in your drain. When you die, you just die. You cease to exist, just like the broken alarm clock you threw away last week. But with no afterlife concept, it would be pretty difficult to keep people from being assholes.

So, there about comes the concept of Karma. It's not exactly a new concept, but it makes sense, scientifically and mathematically. It is the circle of life, or balance of power - you do something good and you collect brownie points in which you are rewarded later by the workings of nature. Similarly, if you choose to be an asshole and collect demerit points, you would find yourself royally fucked sooner or later.

Newton's 3rd Law states that for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. Simply put, in any mathematical equation, the left side must equate to the right side for perfect harmony to occur. This is the law in which every natural entity must obey. TWO equals TWO. When you do something good to the factor of two brownie points, then you can expect to be rewarded with something of an equal magnitude somewhere along the way.

But that is not to say that if you give someone an iPod today, you will get one for yourself tomorrow. For instance, the act of giving might be worth two points, which also equates to FIVE plus NEGATIVE THREE. So you get a pay rise (5), but meet an accident on the way home (-3). Nature has it's way of evening itself out, so us puny humans have to be on our toes all the time. And by keeping us on our toes all the time, that is how our species will eventually rise to the top and reign supreme over the universe (in hope that we can build that rocket to see God, just before it is squished like a pesky housefly)

Okay, like I said I haven't figured everything out, but I have another 25 years or so to do so. The good thing here is, unlike other religions which always seem to have answers for everything or tries to have an answer for everything (which then makes people annoyed when they cannot accept inconclusive answers), Vincentism which is very much based on scientific and mathematical theories can always say, "Oh, dunno lah. Need to research more," instead of giving people dodgy answers.

What other major religious debate have I not covered? Any questions, my children?


[ insert defense of the christian faith here ]

two questions:

who determines the points weightage? oh wait, it's vincentism, so that'd be you, no? pray tell, what's at the extreme ends of the scale?


why did God create us AI robots if he doesn't give a hoot about us?

trying to get the hang of vincentism, especially if it's gonna be the next hot religion by the time i'm 50.


Actually, you asked 4 questions. But never mind lah I think I get what you mean.

First question : Nolah. I am only the Grand Master, not God. But just like the way every object has a set natural frequency or specific density, nobody determines the points weightage. It is just created when the deed is done, and up to nature to take it's course and balance everything out. As for what the extreme ends of the scale are - "Oh, dunno lah. Need to research more."

Second question : When I was 5 years old, I made a plasticine zoo. There wasn't a reason except for the fact that I was bored and didn't have anything else to do. Then I got bored with it and left it in the corner till one day my mum couldn't stand the sight of it anymore and threw it away. I wasn't too peeved, since I never touched it.

But hey, that's just my guess. Who knows what the big fella wants? Oh no wait. That's what the other religions say too.............


What paint thinner are you sniffing? I want some.

I can see my awesome twisted logic astounds even you. I am proud of myself.

Not related to the post.

Just had to comment on the story that you posted up for the perfume. ^^

It was brilliant a story!

Though, i'm quite skeptical as to how true the story is. None the less, it was interesting.


It's as true as my ass is hairy.

Refer to the sidebar. It's there too.


i always choose science-based over belief based.

but perhaps, the next part of your holy book could include the following topics:-

1. things vincentians must do

2. things vincentians cannot do

3. when vincentians celebrate their new year (your birthday i suppose?)

4. whether vincentians pray? if yes, how and where? if no, do they do anything in substitution?

thank you.


A little off-topic here, but your hypothetical $100 billion from last year would have lost up to 20% of its value. Perhaps you should have wished for $125 billion instead. LOL

Moral of the story?

1) Hindsight gives perfect vision.
2) Sometimes 2 + 2 can equal 5, depending on how many cliches per minute or how much rhetoric per kg of body mass a person can spew out. I'm not referring to you, but certain wannabe politician-bloggers. Heh.


anon: I'll get back to you about 1 and 2 later. Scientists don't really give much of a hoot about New Year, so we'll follow the Gregorian one that the whole world is using now. PRAY?!?! Holy cow, NO! But I would need a whole new chapter for it, so wait for it okay?

TJ: Are you talking about Papa Smurf? Yes, he seems to have put on weight since venturing into his abso-fucking-lutely shocking new profession. Where has he been finding all those pies?


this posting is bollocks.

GOD in reality, playing for cardiff city now. heh.


9: That particular God is a piece of crap poo. Scouse scum!

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