Saturday, November 10, 2007

the gathering of hypocrites

Dear Fucking Idiots,

Because of your moronic behaviours, my Saturday has been ruined. I had to cancel my shopping plans and I was stuck in a jam for more than one hour. My parents, who wanted to go down to KL to meet a family friend had to change their plans.

I am in no way condoning a gathering of fucktards, but if you wish to do so in the future, perhaps it would be more considerate doing it in a secluded place, so as to not inconvenience the other 4 million of us in the Klang Valley. May I suggest you congregate at Bukit Kayu Hitam and if you really must submit a memorandum, I am sure DHL would kindly oblige.

You can fight for whatever you choose - frankly I don't give a flying fuck. You can even campaign for your right to fuck goats and walk around nude, but when your actions cause problems for the rest of us, that is where your name changes from an activist to a mere inconsiderate cunt.

It is ironic that you tell me that the mainstream media is feeding me government propaganda, yet you people are drowning me in your hypocritical crap. Different lie, same bullshit. Suck my balls lah. Don't pretend you are any different because you are all the same type of forked tongue snakes, all trying to prey on the weak minded, indecisive fools.

Congratulations, you idiots just got your point across. I won't be voting the incumbents. But I won't be voting for your hypocritical asses either.

Update: I am now less annoyed than previously, but I stick by my words. Now, go read this.

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only for stupid and dumb people like you, that malaysia is in the state where she is in.

your pathetic saturday shopping to you , is more important than the future of the state you re living in. I hope you re on the next migration boat to singapore or australia.

I am sorry to say, but freedom and rights come at a price.

engineer? you spoil our title.


your own convenience matters more? its this attitude that causes msia to continue to rot in this current state. those people are out to make a difference. If you really do not care then don't partake of the fruits of their labours.

Who gave you the right to decide what's best for me? Your arrogance is astounding. How sure are you that what you are doing is right for this country?

"Freedom and rights come at a price"
And you get to decide for me and for the millions of other people who couldn't be arsed about a political rally (because let's not kid ourselves - this was nothing more than a political statement) the price we should pay?

My point exactly.

You are all fucking hypocrites.


vincent you are absolutely stupid. poor you

Shopping are for chumps. Ever heard of internet shopping? Get with the fucking times.

Don't drag REAL MEN as a reason for your bitching as your stupid header says....you wanna be a fag and bitch do it by yourself...do not use the name REAL MEN. I won't be surprised in real life you are just a small sized fag who hides inside your parents' closet and make noise in your blog like a hero.
BTW shopping is for sissies, but I need not mention it since you have stressed it out by bitching that you had to cancel your shopping plans, thus implicating yourself as a sissy.
Have a Nice Day.


Come on guys. This guy got his right to voice his opinions and discontent. We're not like those people (take a hint) and would not go down to their level.

But my only comment is that the usage of your language is not very nice..


Well you do realize that because of ignorant fools like him that the country is ruled by apes as it is now rite?

what happened in msia? parade? strike?
vincent, please kindly calm down. you are just too pissed off by them and your schedule was interrupted.
um.. i have nothing to say about political issues. well every match has its own player. that's their field. a nice play is dependent on the player's performance. to politics, i think, if the person is really wanting to serve ppl, he will mean good to ppl. if he only think it is a way of living, he will just do fine. if he think it is a good way for getting extra income, it will be ended up with corruption. everything has a regulation system as well. the only thing we can kick off a leader is through voting.
p/s: are you guys too mean to him? um.. it is common to lose control of temper sometimes. um.. migrate to singapore or australia.. so mean. are those migrants stupid and selfish? that's a bad remark


to the last anonymous poster, i don't mean to imply that those that migrates are stupid and selfish. what i intend to say is, mr vincent here doesn't deserve an ounce of the blood, sweat and toils of other malaysians, who fought for his very rights to go shopping.

oh, i have forgotten, he didn't ASK us to protest for him. No doubt, stupid people won't realise they re in a pile of poo until they start eating them. I have no anger towards him, but only sympathy for him and malaysia.

sad day for malaysia..because we have "educated retards". how can u get that!?


Haaa you got fucked in the jam too didn't you? Luckily I left early in the morning. On the way back I was laughing my ass off seeing the rows and rows of cars.

come on, give vince a break.
he likes his shopping and us protesters did inconvenience him with the traffic jams.

Sorry boss, next time, we will try to get a police permit yeah! Then that time, the police will clearly tell you the places to avoid.
Perhaps you didn't know got such a thing going on even though the papers, tv, radio were TELLING people not to go. But since you probably only watch discovery channel, so give us your home address and email. We'll give you 1 month notice ok?


I was not an idiot to go to KL.

It took people 1 hour to get from Subang to PJ, so suck my balls.


Of course you're not an idiot!
Like for real that sucks.
I mean, I also screw all those fuckers that have to go to work the same time as me, causing the toll to become so fucking jam. machibai right?
Can't they start work at 10am instead? Not like they go work and start work immediately right. Most just sit around check email surf blog also mah.
and also don't get me started on those motorcyclist that kena bang and die on the highway. that time jam until don't know what man. magechowhai, he should choose to take his motor to bukit kayu hitam and die there mah right?

anyway, vince, we know how you feel. I'm with you bro.

anyway, you keep telling ppl to suck your balls, suck ready kena 4-D ah? what's your value proposition?


oh rupa rupanya is you... no wonder, siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas.. haha!

dude, go to one utama to shop la, or go to sunway pyramid, or go to klia, fly to somewhere else for your shopping trip. why must go kl?? spare us your sad shopping story. like that's one big farking problem if you couldn't go shopping on that day.

anyway, spare this guy lah.. he just like shopping, i also like shopping :) thanks for the entertainment, and the proposition to suck your balls, no thanks, i don't think you have any..


Holy crap... You can only take a look at the background colour of his blog and you can immediately tell his personality.

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