Friday, November 02, 2007

get out of jail free

When I was young, people kept telling me that I had to work hard to succeed in life. My dad and my sister are pretty much workaholics, so it is not as if they are just saying these things for the heck of it.

When I was in Form 3, people all around said I had to work hard and study hard to do well in PMR. I bummed around and got 5A's out of 7. One of my teachers scolded me. Her reasoning was that if I had put just a little more effort I could have gotten the straight A's. Just a bit more effort, she said.

And so, in the first week of Form 4, I told myself that I would work hard and ace my SPM. The hype lasted 2 weeks and I spent the next 2 years bumming around. I got A's for the subjects that mattered to me - 5 out of 9. I remember doing fuck all for Biology and one of the SPM questions asked to 'lukis sistem pernafasan ikan' I drew a fish that a kindergarten kid could have done better and pointed to the gills and wrote 'insang'. But this was in the days where there weren't idiots who took 17 subjects, so all was good.

Then I told myself that in university, it would be different because it was going to be subjects that I chose. I mean - I chose to study engineering, but I didn't choose to study History and Biology in school. But nobody told me that Mechanical Engineers had to study crap like Structural Vibration and C programming. So, despite everybody telling me I had to work hard in uni, I studied right at the last minute, did just enough for my assignments and bummed around the rest of the time AND still got through unscathed with a Masters and a very commendable final year project. Everybody knows someone like that - the asshole who did jackshite but still came up tops. I didn't exactly come up tops (actually no where near the top) but I still got along fine. Sucks to be you, eh?

Now that I am working, everybody says that you have to work hard, put in extra hours and all the usual bruhaha to make more money and be rich. And all this got me thinking (because I have been on leave for one whole week and I have been thinking a lot), I got along fine in school bumming around and just doing enough. Not too much, not too little - just enough. I was never top of my class, but I was always better than average. Same thing happened in uni - I was no where near the top of the class, but people who put in 3 times more effort than myself didn't exactly beat me by a mile.

I am saying all this because yesterday, some people mentioned again the importance of working hard (more than 12 hours a day!!!) to succeed and do well. Screw it. I have been lazy my whole life and have made it pretty darn far. I am therefore convinced that there is money to be made just by being lazy. Sure, I won't be as rich as Lim Goh Tong, but I reckon I'll be able to get along just fine.

You see, I just had another brainwave! I figured out how to make money while SLEEPING. Too bad I am too lazy to do anything about it...


this whole entry basically says that some people are smarter than others. correction...that YOU are smarter than alot of other people. good for you then.

i agree with your opinion. it is good that we can get along just fine without doing much effort. yet some ppl will take this as lack of ambition. i can't see the point to work 12 hours everyday to get more money but ruin my health, my relationship, etc. :) enjoy..

lishun: Ish ish, next time when you read an ego post, humour me and let it be la.

anon: Good for you. It's okay to have a lack of ambition. See, a lack of ambition can be fixed if you want to fix it. Unfortunately for the rest of the population, a lack of brainpower is not something that can be fixed. Hyuk, hyuk!


I work hard because I'm lazy and I don't want to be working after 45..

But yeah working smart is far more important and effective than working hard.


what about a mistaken belief that you are smarter than others... can this be fixed?

you are measuring your intelligence using our extremely flawed education system... that's like measuring the distance from kl to london using a 6-inch ruler


vince, ur doing fine, dun be disillusioned by those so-called young enterpreneurs who want earn big money by advertising on blogs. Big corporate esteemed established should not be picking blogs as advertisement as blogs are very biased and looking things in one perspective only ie the bloggers view. Sum old mature near dieing age bloggers also swears like hell on their blogs too.

There is alot young guys now who have big dreams to be enterprenuer and when they failed the gf have to support them or they becomes pedophiles like the ppl behind nuffnang.


I totally know what you're talking about, I am someone like that too and I just don't get the point why people keep on insisting that only hard work will pay out and blah shit. I mean there's only this much to life, no need to be like very successful but as long as we're happy and fine with the way we are and not creating any nuisance for others then its cool already.

I guess I am not really bothered to study and with my laid back and lazy attitude that attaches to it.


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