Wednesday, November 14, 2007

not part of the gang

The last few days have jolted my mind back into the time machine. I can see the event happening right in front of my eyes as if it was yesterday. There was this dude in my class. His name was Vignesh.

We all know someone like Vignesh - he didn't fit in, and didn't even bother trying. All that was important to him was that he got through the day, said and did whatever he thought was right. Not many people liked Vignesh - that is not to say people hated him. He was...irrelevant, and hence everything he said was not taken seriously. I remember thinking what a fool he was. I now wish I could have been more like that back then.

The year was 1998. Malaysia had just hosted the successful Commonwealth Games and everybody was chuffed about it. Obviously the subject of conversation most days were about the Commonwealth Games. One day, our hero would ask out loud, "Why isn't the United States part of the Commonwealth?" much to the amusement of everybody in the class. "Commonwealth is for countries that used to be under British rule la, bodoh." Vignesh then tried to explain that the US was once colonised by the British but nobody would have anything to do with such a ridiculous notion. How could the British have landed in such a superpower like the US??

After mocking Vignesh for his stupidity (all while he continued maintaining that he was correct), we all went about our own business and let him be. Never mind that Vignesh was half-right and we were all dead wrong. It didn't matter. What mattered was that in that setting, in that group of people, the majority had made up their mind on something and it was futile to change their mind, no matter what logic you put through.

In this setting, in this group of people, I will NEVER be part of the group. I like how Vignesh went about things. If that was how he felt, and if he could justify it correctly, then so be it. Along the way he (and I) might convince a few people, but for the rest - as the Thais say, "mai pen rai". Never mind. Let it be.

A common theme on the blogosphere seems to be how The Star quoted that there were ONLY 4000 people at the rally and how the police said there were ONLY 5000 people. These people went on to critisize these two parties calling them biased and deluded. And I fully agree. But these people also forget that their sifu-in-chief Anwar Ibrahim claimed after the event that there were 100 000 people there. Funnily enough, nobody seems to critisize the dude for his similarly biased and delusional estimate.

Hypocrisy? I dunno. You tell me...

And how about every other blog that seems to mention Al-Jazeera and some idiot who can't speak English well and doesn't seem to know what he is talking about? I agree again. He really was an idiot. But you people also forgot to mention that Al-Jazeera also called the Papa Smurf of bloggers an 'independant journalist'. If anybody reading this can call Jeff Ooi an 'independant' anything, I'll seriously pay good money for whatever it is you are sniffing.

Over the last few days, I have heard nothing but people saying how big an idiot I am. Other people have been saying that my opinions are okay - but they must continue marching to 'educate' people like me so that we stop our ignorance. Right, so your version of democracy says, "You are either with us, or you are against us"? Hmm...that's a great thought!

I never liked the concept of democracy, and never claimed to. But surely if you are preaching it, then you should be expected to practice what you preach?

I have been critisized for saying that I was stuck in the jam and couldn't go shopping. Someone else was critisized for saying their family missed the Chicago musical. Apparently, these things aren't as important as our 'freedom and rights'. Oh, I see. You get to decide what is important for me? Nice concept of democracy you have, eh?

Thinking about it, I don't care if it was 4000 people or 40000 people. If 4 million people took to the streets all over the country, I wouldn't be making a fuss. At least 4 million is a significant enough mandate. But instead we have 40,000 people claiming they acted on everyone else's best interest. And at this point, somebody would invariably jump up and scream, "40,000 people at the rally doesn't mean only 40,000 people support it!" Well, if you support it and weren't there, then my point proven - cakap tak serupa bikin.

You know, if you people had simply called it a political rally, I wouldn't be so annoyed. I would be annoyed at the way you inconvenienced others, but at least I wouldn't call you a hypocrite.

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I like how you're digging your grave deeper and deeper man.. You just give more and more opportunity for dumb nuts with too much time on the internet to post some comments on an irrelevant blog of some sorts.

Cheers mate. Keep up the good work. I haven't had this much entertainment in a long while.


k3ng : I am a sucker for educating idiots. I thought you would have known that by now.

Damn I should have heard the rumbling footsteps of self-righteous-noobs coming now.

vincent your pop-up ads are annoying. please get rid of them. i will be forever grateful if you would be so fateful.


Eh? What do you mean keluar tajuk? What, I can't have my say here also ar? Freedom of speech right?


You get to decide what is important for me? Nice concept of democracy you have, eh?

This comment intrigued me. I went for the march as a neutral party and I was kinda disappointed to see the opposition hijacking it. Going by what you said, are the people who wanted democracy essentially shooting themselves in the foot because they are also forcing the idea of democracy on people who may not support it? If that is the case, then true democracy will be impossible unless EVERYBODY conforms to it.

What is your idea of democracy then? If I'm an idiot for asking this then please educate me.


you're one selfish arrogant f*** ... and yes, i'll tell you (like many others before me) that they, who have marched for what they believed in ... have a higher priority than your shopping escapade. your thinking and attitude is not very different from saying 'why should i give the old lady my seat on the train? i've been standing all day and i was here first'. nothing wrong ... you're entitled to your shopping.

i'd educate you, but you and i both know you're too stubborn and thick to see someone else's point of view.


anon1: The pop-ups come from my site counter which I actually like.

eyeris: He may be gay but he'll still kick Pool's ass.

laksarian: You misunderstood me. I never said I like democracy. In fact I think democracy is a stupid concept.

anon2: Actually, I once didn't give my seat up for an old woman. You can read about it here.


I'm surprised that the 100,000+ people who got stuck in traffic jams and were affected by road closures have not complained about the (apparently) 40,000 people who caused it that day. I would have.


p.s. You really should do something about the pop-ups dey.


Fair enough. About what BERSIH is fighting for, do you think the elections are unfair?

"I don't care if it was 4000 people or 40000 people. If 4 million people took to the streets all over the country, I wouldn't be making a fuss. At least 4 million is a significant enough mandate."

It would take that many people on the streets to finally make you realize only then that something is wrong with the state of things in our country? :/

Your words kinda resemble those uttered by our Law minister Nazri Aziz, who arrogantly disregarded the presence of 1000-2000 lawyers in the Bar Council Walk as unimportant because their numbers were only a "minority".

And are you really sure you "wouldn't be making a fuss" if there was a gathering of 4 million? Methinks you'll complain even more about the bigger traffic jams and how the "riot" spoilt your weekend shopping plans.


I don't know why you all are so worked out over Vincent's opinion. He is just being consistent.

If you all can remember he had the same opinion over last year's protest on fuel price hike in KLCC.

The only thing missing now is that you don't have self declared big sister 'I am always right' Minishort to come to his rescue.


I'm not sure why is everyone so worked up about Jeff Ooi being called a "journalist". Zam complains about it, you complain about it. Heck yeah, it is so bloody wrong in Malaysia, But remember that Al-jazeera English is an international tv station. And yes, internationally, bloggers are "journalists". Don't ask why, it is something already standardized. They even pay bloggers in America damn it. Try asking someone overseas if they know the definition. Try somewhere in Europe or America. They can tell you the same thing. Thanks, great post, it gives an insight of someone else's views about the current news

It's not the 'journalist' part that I am annoyed at. It is the 'independant' part that is downright biased. Jeff Ooi - an independant journalist??

Anybody who can call him that sure is smoking some real high grade weed.


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