Sunday, November 25, 2007

what's next?

Another week, and yet another rally.

I think I have said all I can say about the rallies. You can fight for whatever you want, however ludicrous it is (Sidenote: $4 trillion? Are you for real?!) just as long as it doesn't get in the way of the general public.

The other day, people dissed me because I said I got caught in a jam and later couldn't go out shopping. They dissed the 'shopping' bit because they say it wasn't important. But that's not really the point, is it? I was caught in another jam today, 400 kilometres away from KL. This time, it was because I committed the crime of going to work.

So how now brown cow?

You can blame the police again. Blame them all you like. Blame the government while you are at it. That is what Malaysians do best - blame everybody but themselves. The problem is that people are so arrogant to believe it is democratic for tens of thousands of people to 'gather peacefully'.

Here's food for thought.

You know those Mat Rempits? It isn't exactly a crime for them to 'gather' at night and ride their bikes together as a group. However, it is a crime when they gamble and race illegally. But most of us get irritated or even afraid when a large group of them congregates in our neighbourhood. Are you saying that the police should let them 'gather' since they are doing nothing, and then only take action when they start racing??

Or since you people believe it to be democratic as long as people gather peacefully, then how about this? Is it okay if 200 Indonesian workers 'gathered' outside your house, thus blocking your access in and out of your house. You are inconvenienced, yes. But if they are just standing there, is that okay? Your logic says that peaceful gatherings are allowed, so as long as those people aren't harming you, they should be allowed to gather outside your house, right?

This is getting frustrating for the rest of us. Two weeks ago it was a political rally. Today it was a racial issue. What next tomorrow? If rallies are allowed to go on, what next? Rally for lower taxes? Demonstrate high petrol prices? Human nature dictates that people will never be happy with what they have. So is it acceptable that we have 'peaceful demonstrations' every weekend of the year?

Really? Is it okay that week in and week out 50 000 people are allowed to gather in the city centre to voice their displeasure at whatever suits their whims and fancies? Rallies like that set a dangerous precedent. Two major demonstrations have been held in the last one month. Can anybody honestly tell me that you agree with to allow such demonstrations to keep going on? If that is the case then it will never end. Let's say hypothetically that the Opposition wins the next elections. Are they going to allow BN supporters to hold rallies EVERY WEEK?

You tell me. How do we go from here? If protesters get what they want then what is stopping other people from holding mass protests to demand something else? What you people have done was open a very dangerous can of worms and set a very scary precendence.

What's next for our country, then?

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What ? You just came back from Mars or Jupiter ?

The country is go to the dogs , that is why people are protesting !


Yes, yes, whatever.

My question was, "What's next?"

Appreciate an answer from someone, preferably someone with good grammar.


What's next?


We vote...

If you can't...
You should shut up...


Why can't I get readers who understand English?

Yah, yah, you vote. And after you vote and if the Opposition wins, and the BN people want to protest, then what?


You never read the Federal Constitution and do not know the meaning of "freedom of expression "?

For fucks sakes!!

Will you idiots answer my question already?!?!?


What religion do you profess ?

Shall we go demolish your places of worship and let you have a taste of how the Indians felt ?

Fucking moron.

What did your parents do to deserve giving birth to a disgraceful scumbag like you ?

Must've done so many evil things to give birth to your retarded brother and an intellectually impaired fucktard such as you.


Guys, you can't blame him for feeling this way. He doesn't support democracy, there's nothing we can do to change his mind. To force the idea of "freedom" on him is undemocratic of us.

Nobody answered the question 'if the Opposition wins and Barisan goes to protest everyday with or without permit, is the then government going to allow it?' as well

Swarm mentality,just follow what the rest does.


shadowfox: That's low, even by your standards. But it's okay, I have learnt not expect much from low-class uneducated people like yourself.

gavin: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


Geez guys if you don't like him or what he writes, why keep coming back for more?

mat rempits have in the past shown themselves to be of violent character, and only after all that, the government is cracking down, that is if you want to call the "mat cemerlang" rebranding excercise cracking down.

200 indonesians gathering outside your house and blocking your access constitutes a crime, namely unlawful imprisonment, and as such, should not be allowed.

however, if they did want to hold a protest, like the burmese did, then by all means, go ahead. although they are not citizens of our country, and as such have no say in who the government of the day is, if their human rights are affected they should be allowed to peacefully assemble.

vincent, what i don't understand, and since you are a government running dog, you can explain this to me, is... why don't the fru monitor the situation from a distance, and IF it does get violent, THEN spray whatever chemical water and fire tear gas? do you support the bush-like pre-emptive attack?

and, if the opposition does win the election, bn should be allowed to hold rallies if it is for a valid purpose, and a valid purpose is not something you agree with, but something that is valid to those people taking into account their circumstances.

if there is clear evidence to suggest that the opposition is manipulating the elections commission, then i will fully support the rally.

but you are missing the point here, in that sunday's rally was not about government against opposition, unless of course the british high commission is an undercover bn operations centre?

sunday's rally only seems like it is anti-government because the fru started attacking the supporters. you have to open your little eyes a bit bigger vincent.

what is next? well the way i see it, protests did not take place before, not because people didn't dare, but because the situation was not so dire so as to require them.

malaysians are not protestors. we accept most things. the things we accept are at the "complain in the kopitiam" level. however, once it goes over and above this level, when nothing else can be done, when the local press blacks out your plight, you take to the streets.

so, next up, more and more protests, until the government stops closing both their eyes, and pretending that everything is okay.

p/s - what is your take on the ACA clearing lingam?


HMM unfortunately, the Sunday's rally also had political connotation. One of the organizers said that it was also to show displeasure at the govt for the disparity.

Vincent, u should check out South Korea, there was a report in Straits Times today about how an average of 30 or so protest happens every day. It is affecting people's daily livelihood there in terms of the shopowners etc.

For the Indian rights, i think it is fair to say that each man for his own. Equal opportunity should be given to all whereby there should be no discrimination (i.e. not allowed to go to school becuase of race etc) and it is how you make use of this opportunity that determines your ability. I never begrudged the fact that the govt didn't give me a scholarship but appreciated the fact that others were willing to. Likewise, for the indian community, there are many succesful professionals within your ranks.. is it better to emulate what these people have become some of them having rag to riches stories or to bemoan day by day on your condition? Life isn't fair most of the time, it is how you deal with it that determines your success.

By the way, according to the law, which the federal constitution protects, there is such things as illegal gatherings or illegal assembly. There is also another adage that prevention is better than cure.

I do not support the govt ...but i also feel that opting for the opposition, especially malaysia's opposition is choosing between a rock and a hard place.


To the above commentor :

If it isn't about the goverment going against the opp, then why has it turned into Indians being marginalised by the Msian govt issue instead of Hindraf against the British government? To me, the issue against the British govt is just an excuse. I mean, why now? Why not last year? Why when we're nearing election? While the govt may have their own agenda to win votes, all these so called "fronts" aren't any better.

What happened to ONE HOUR memorandum handover? What happened to peaceful gathering when so many fences and gates were destroyed by Indians on their own sacred place of worship. The government has been lenient enough to not dump ppl under OSA and instead, time was given for them to disperse. Time was given for them to do what they needed to. It is also the responsibility of the government to protect the rights of others and not just these tens of thousands of people. A typical case of "beri betis nak peha" or if I may assume, a typical hidden agenda to disrupt the coming election. I mean, you can blame the govt for trying to fish votes with their policy but hey, better something like these than "political" fronts claiming to fight for the rights of the people.

And how do we go from here? Well, we should just come up with another petition or memorandum and dumbshits like that and protest against people who are disrupting the livelihood of others. Then we'll see who's vying for what ok?

Fighting for your rights while ignoring the rights of others..migawd. And you think it's gonna pull ppl away from BN. LOL.

What do you people want from the government? What kind of fairness do you preach? What kind of democracy have you visualised in your narrow mind? All you people are fighting based on your own bloody race but claiming to fight for the rights of the people. Why not start by looking at the poor people in the country as a whole and until you can do that, don't bother preaching your ignorant sentiments about which race got marginalised.

Look at Singapore, run by chinese..do you think there are no discrimination there? So think again.

If you want to realise your democractic rights, don't do it at the expense of your fellow Msians.


Sorry...i was referring to the comments made by the anon above Kelvin

I was searching for blogs with different views when a brick hit my head and vincent pop out. Hi Vincent glad to see that you are your usual self again.

What's next for our country, then?

As much as people like me would like this to continue, rallies, protest, marching, truth is by next year, shit, next year is too long, by christmas, most of us would have forgotten all about this and planning for our year end holiday or year end party bash. then come election BN wins as usual and the whole cycle repeats itself again.

This is Malaysia, nothing change, we have short memories and we have our tidak apa attitude.

But I do hope that I am wrong.


Same thing as usual, call him crony and shits, so what's next ? Cause it's not original anymore.

ling xiao :

1. OSA? what is so secret about it?
2. time was given to them, yes a whole lot of time, right up to 7.30 in the morning when the caretaker at the british high comm wakes up.

3. businesses are affected not because of the protest, but because of the road closures.


screw PPS, this is like, the best place to go for the most er.. interesting comments on all the issues.

And that's about as middle-of-the-fance as I can make that statement seem.


Oh? Blame the police now eh? Thank goodness there were road closures. God knows what might the rioters do to the passerby. Or worse still, it's a nuisance with ppl flooding the road waiting to be knocked down by cars.

At least we were warned of road closures. Better than travelling down the road only to be stopped by a whole load of Hindraf "supporters".

What about Indian temples being vandalised by their own people during the riot. Where's the reasoning in that?

This is a freaking year end joke lah. $1mil for each Indian which turned into a cheap political agenda. LOL. So what happened to the memorandum I wonder. Hardiharhar. And suddenly there is the "I am not taking part in the election this term because I want to gather my supporters first". *smirks*


Oh btw, if you think that road closures only happen in Msia or that the govt feels threatened by this rioters..bear in mind that in 2005, there were also road and track closures in HK when the Koreans came over to protest against the United States during the World Trade Convention. Reason to that? Easy, to protect foreign tourist and local passerby.

I was part of the rally. haha. I was bored.

honestly, I dare not imagine this state.


"What about Indian temples being vandalised by their own people during the riot. Where's the reasoning in that? "

Man, this bimbo haven't even seen pics posted by Jeff Ooi on the actual situation.

Jeeezzz... this alone negates his/her attempts at intellectual conversation. He/She is not even worth engaging with.

Why do stupid bitches try so hard to act smart and intellectual all the time?



Heavens! There exists people who don't read The Oracle of Truth and Protector of the Innocent and Weak, Jeff 4 Malaysia Ooi??

Oh my! What shall we do, O'Wise One? Will the Lord forgive us for our sins?


Credit is given when credit is due.

He has the pics to show for it, regardless of what his background is.

What do you have ? Other than a mouth full of shit and your ignorant friends who would rather believe the indians smashed their own temple.

Not worth wasting time debating with a bunch of intellectual wankers.


Nobody was debating with you anyway. I don't really debate with uneducated people.

So yeah, bye!


So you're telling me you are dismissing Jeff's take of what transpired simply because he's an opposition member and would rather believe the government controlled mainstream media which is known for omitting truths?

Whatever works for you.


shadowfox and stormfury, vincent has a point. the photos might have been doctored. what we need here is an independent commission to investigate as to whether the photos are in fact geniune. it could well be that jeff ooi exchanged the faces of the fru with the protestors, and that the protestors were the ones firing the water cannon and firing teargas at the poor fru officers stuck in the temple. or maybe the fru people were throwing money at them, and jeff superimposed water over the money. you never know.

i don't trust a lot of what jeff ooi has to say. most people have their own agenda, so whatever they say must be taken with a pinch of salt. however, photos don't lie (and neither do videos).

notice how vincent dodges questions and arguments? he never seems to have a good reply that is ON POINT.


sorry state for a human.where is your civic consciousness?is it fair to be treated as second class citizenin the country of your birth and the rampant corruption..........pointless debating with a wall and an absolute selfish dick

Siao! Who has time to debate each and every point with each and every idiot who comes to my site? I have a proper job that doesn't allow me to slack off during office hours, you know.

In case you haven't noticed, I am not an advocate of free speech. You are free to read whatever I write. If you disagree with me, you are wrong. However, if my mood is good and if you don't write too much crap AND if you are lucky, I shall take the time and effort to reply you.

For Papa Jeff' supporters, I am not saying his photos are fake. But just like the mainstream, his reporting of events cannot be trusted. How do you know that between his photo report he might have omitted some photos? Say...photos of demonstrators throwing rocks and stuff? And because he as biased as The Star I don't trust either of them.

And I am not the one dodging questions you know. I never denied the heavy handed police. I never denied that these people MAY BE right.

What I stated clearly was, THERE ARE BETTER WAYS to make your point AND what I asked clearly was, ARE YOU GOING TO ALLOW PEOPLE TO PROTEST ON THE STREETS EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR, peaceful or otherwise?

That is all.


YES until we have a proactive goverment who will listen to the people.until we have a compassionate government whose mantra everyday is 'DOES ALL MALAYSIAN HAVE FOOD ON THE TABLE ,A SHELTER AND CLOTHING AND IF NOT WHAT CAN I DO BOUT IT'.u owe whatever u have today to your forefathers for their strife and sacrifices NOW it's your duty to do exactly the same.where is India today if not for Gandhi and his civil disobedience,or where is fairness today if not for the sacrifices of great leaders like MARTIN LUTHER KING,NELSON MANDELA,LECH WALESA etc.it involve mass rally to get information across.do u expect malaysian to be well informed judging by the absolute failure of the local media .

adam and eve: Oh I see. You get to decide what my duty is? Nice concept of democracy you have, eh?

People who mention Gandhi are fucking idiots.

Best you morons remember that Gandhi responded to violence by turning the other cheek, not throw stones and cause a miny riot when confronted by the police.


Yay vincent is an ass! Let's all have a rally to have his blog taken off the internet.

k3ng: Perhaps you could gather in Subang Square and then march over to the Jeff 'Papa Smurf of Bloggers ' Ooi's house to submit that memorandum

Gandhi preached civil disobedience. Not all of Gandhi's supporters had the will power or the patience for this, but this is what he preached. Are you saying that just because one of Gandhi's supporters threw a stone at a police officer Gandhi is a bad man?

vincent is dumb. i support the memorandum to have his blog removed.

AND, he can't make arguments, hence his "what i say is right" theory. that is the only way to block off valid arguments.

when he does try to make an argument, he somehow has to put a few swear words in to add effect to it, as it lacks substance.



You've been tagged!

"...and set a very scary precendence."

Dear Vincent, please refer to comment number 2 of this interesting entry wherein you speak of the proper use of grammar.

Once you are done reading that, please refer to the above line, which was taken from your post.

Now tell me, do you see the irony?


ALRIGHT! Another reason to hang vincent!! He made a typo!!

Now we can really get this rally going to take his blog off the net.


k3ng: You ah..like the typical Malaysian only. Pandai cakap tapi tak buat. Faster go organise the demonstration la.

dear k3ng,

you are dumb.

a typo would be someething like "precedetn". vincent meant to type "precedence".

k3ng is dumb.

k3ng is also a useless buttlicker.


This blog has the most awesome commentors evar. haha

Aww.. how sweet, a useless buttlicker calling another a useless buttlicker. What a happy family we got here.

another example of a typo would be "someething"

Vincent: Just curious, what do you say would be a better way for these protesters to make a point?

We already know that official channels don't work as they are supposed to. In the past, people have tried submitting memos, but the government does nothing. No reason given and not even a decent rejection letter in sight. Common excuse is that they've lost the paperwork and ask people to submit again. Then paperwork gets misplaced again. See the vicious cycle?

We know the opposition has an uphill task if not impossible task to get certain issues debated in parliament. More often than not, when the opposition tries to bring up concerns in parliament, the speaker tells them that they can't because the matter is not urgent or time is up. BN usually tries to pull a fast one by saying that certain issues should not be brought up because it can cause racial tensions. If that fails, they resort to name calling, personal attacks and shouting down the opposition.

We also know that the non-UMNO BN coalition parties are effectively emasculated. If people from within BN try to speak up, they are quickly subjected to the party whip for "breaking ranks".

What do you think, Vincent?


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