Saturday, December 15, 2007

the golden compass

Once upon a time, I befriended a few construction workers while I was doing my engineering internship during my college days. They told of a story where they went to the cinema watch Lord of the Rings : Fellowship of the Rings. As you would imagine these aren't guys who knew who Tolkien is, or that it was an adaptation from a book anyway.

The story goes, towards the end of the movie where Frodo and Sam are standing on top of a mountain and they can see Mount Doom from a distance, the scene cuts to the credits and the movie is over. Pissingly annoyed that he didn't know that it was a trilogy, and hence wasn't expecting the abrupt ending, he stood up a screamed PUKIMAK!

Well, something like that happened to me. Towards the end of the final scene, I saw the Bangla dudes starting to open the doors to the exit. At first I thought, being Banglas they prolly made a mistake. Then the conversation between the characters and the shots seemed as if it was leading towards the end of the film. "Hey, what the fuck is going on?"

And then the credits started rolling. I turned to the movie partner and went, "Eh, did you know there was going to be a continuation?" She looked at me funny, not unlike talking to a retard and said, "Yeee..yah, it's a trilogy"

But anyhows, I thought it was entertaining.

No, seriously. I don't care what you read in reviews and stuff. I was entertained for the two hours or so and was even anticipating more. The ice bears were so fucking cool as were the witches. Serafina Pekkala is such an awesome name and witches aren't usually that cool.

I'll just say that people who gave the movie a shitty review can be split into one of three groups.

1) The religious nuts Seriously. What the fuck is this all about? Anti-God? What? How?

2) The book nuts Yes I know reading is good for you and everything. I read a fair bit too. But if you are going to expect every movie to be adapted like for like just so that you can revel in your childhood fantasies, then you are going to hate every movie. Except maybe porn because that should be one which would indeed play into your childhood fantasies.

3) The crazy film critics This is how I think it works. Some dude got paid some money by his newspaper or magazine or Internet movie website to write a review on a movie. Somehow, because he was paid he feels obligated to write a long article about the movie instead of a one liner, "This was a fun and enjoyable movie suitable for the whole family" or "This was a rubbish movie that you should only watch if you want to get in the mood for killing babies". Instead he writes a whole page of dosh that nobody really understands. Take for example this review snippet in last Saturday's Star Weekender:
Director Weitz's inexperience is another problem. He has totally failed to reconcile the story's flashes of magic and adventure with its more sinister and emotional moments.

Dude...what talk you?!?


A lot of book nuts are like that. I know one who hates every single movie adapted from the books he read. Silly. Sometimes I don't know why they bother watching.

Category 3 are the type of people who would watch pr0n and discuss the storyline. LOL

due to certain commitments i won't be able to watch this movie. so far i've heard brilliant reviews, the only exception being my sister who thought it was rubbish. and she was neither of the three options. so. really. not sure what to make of it.

I like this movie. And for me not to feel like Group 2, I am opting to only read the book after the trilogy had been made.

(IF a trilogy is being made, seeing the dismal box office )


its rubbish. only part that was cool were the ice bears.

I'm a book nut, can you tell? heh


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