Monday, December 10, 2007

minnie mouse

Short one today, because I am jaded and because I have other more important stuff to do. However, as always, I have reasons to be irritated.

Women are only allowed to act cute until they are 15. After that age, any female who speaks with a squeaky voice, dresses herself entirely in pink like a tart and/or giggles for no apparent reason should be treated like a 5 year old like she deserves. Or, she could be bitched slapped just for irritating the shit out of the rest of us.

Please discuss.


Got 1 weirdo in the blogsphere, 40ish and very drama, always blog abt how she give birth drama until the unripe boys also becomes her blog guards and surprisingly she got alot followers tooo. wat u called that ?

You sound like you have someone in mind Vince, care to share who is it? A certain Taiwanese singer perhaps?

blame the japanese.

hahhahahah i agree with anon @ 12.47 that weirdo tried to fuck-up the mind of unripe boys in the blogsphere. Very manipulative and drama lor. But what u expect she is 40s so very experienced old bird (lau jiao).Very lau jiao already lor.

Vince, that weirdo make our life difficult by reading her "out of mind" writings on her blogs even though its only targetted to fuckup the mind of unripe boys. We are tired of that, soso sick lah.

Who the hell you people talking about? No need to hide names here la.

laksarian: I doubt you know the bimbos in my life.


there's a variety of pple in life. ..dude, just ignore pple you don't like and hang out with who you do lah. <-- personal motto #3

who ask you to hang out with such bimbos in first place? (i sense a longer story behind this) -_-


Some choices are not mine to make. You know I am never the type to layan people unless I have to.

ha ha to me, i think it depends. some girls are really cute. it seems nothing wrong for them to act cute. it might be their unique feature. for those are not really looking cute, please stop it as it makes people want to puke instead of finding him/her adorable. um.. in conclusion, i think, people should do what fits to them but not forcing yourself doing sth you are not suitable to. be true to yourself. face the truth lol..

on the squeaky voice part- jojo struys fits the bill. god her voice. it annoys the hell outta me.

it's worse on air, cos you cant see her.

for tv and on stage, at least her looks make up for it.

why is she still making a living by talking?


I switch channels whenever I hear Jojo Struys. Pity the voice doesn't suit the face.

I had this friend, who was quite alright.

Her sister wasn't. I had to drive fast to get to somewhere and she was screaming for me to slow down. Bloody noisy.


we hv a term for that, its called 'gedik'. yes, i concur that we must be allowed to bitch slap 'gedik2' girls to our hearts content.

i think its ok for some girls to act cute. It'll be boring if everyones normal. like all engineers.

vince baby, no need name names here, what a blog name she had, really suit her fuckface image cum unripe boys pedophilles.

Vince baby, no need name names here, what a blog name she had, really suit her image. the unripe boys pedophilles.

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