Friday, January 11, 2008

conversation of the day

Two guys were walking on the street when they saw a person with long hair walking in front of them:

'Eh, eh...check out that chick dude.'

'Chick your head la. That's a man la sohai.'

'Shit you la. Even though from the back can see that she's hot la.'

'HE is not hot.'

'See the hair! And the ass damn nice whey!'

'Yeah? Why don't you see how tall he is and how broad HIS shoulders are?'

'Tiu, never seen tall chicks before meh?'

'I am telling you...it's a dude. Look at the shoes!'

'It's a chick la fucker...let's overtake her and see.'

*Two guys walks super fast and then suddenly glance around for no apparent reason*


'HAHAHA! Fucker you thought the guy had a nice asssss!!! HAHAHA!'

'Fuck off...'



Real life experience? If so I would like to believe you weren't the one in italics. HAHAHAHA.

Wallets are turning into purses.

Soon, wallets will be like DDR-RAMs. Obsolete and expensive.

Die lah die lah


hehe.. last time i saw a pretty guy which i failed to tell his gender until my brother told me. "he doesn't wear bras, stupid." um.. hehe he told me few years ago that we couldn't differentiate a beauty from her back anymore since yoga is on the trend. EVERY AUNTIE HAS A NICE FIGURE NOW. ha ha even you see a pretty back, when you see her face, you will be disappointed. ha ha..

HAHAHAHAHHA..eh...some of the right, the figure even more cun than perempuan sejati k? LOLOL

Disturbingly enough, that was a conversation between Vincent and his imaginary friend, Vincent.

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