Thursday, January 03, 2008

not so righteous thought of the day

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Quote of the day:
Everybody fucks around. Just don't get caught.

The canteen at my workplace has had a bunch of new operators for a couple of months now. There is a lady boss and among the helpers are two faggots. They haven't gotten their silicone implants but I reckon they have started on the hormone pills. Smooth skin and soft voice, complete with the makeup.

Now there are many types of biggots. As far as bigots go, I thought of myself as pretty high up on the asshole pyramid. I don't mince my words kindly. I called them faggots up there. As much as derogatory terms go, that should rate pretty harsh. Heck, I even make fun of them. Gays, faggots...who cares? As long as they are 'different' the mocking seemed fair play.

Today, I learnt that there are bastards much worse than myself.

I found out that there are a bunch of people in the workplace who boycotted the canteen just because there were two bapuks working there. Not because the food is crap (which office canteen has awesome food?!?). Not because they were being harrassed by the effiminate men (they weren't). In short, the reason there were only two occupied tables during lunch hour today was because some people didn't want to be served by faggots. And because the lady boss decided that the ability to scoop rice, clear plates and wash dishes wasn't pre-determined by how people chose to dress or whether they liked it in the butt, her business has to suffer.

This is the society we live in.

If religion teaches you to hate so strongly, then it is flawed. If your conservative values and culture teaches you to discriminate so radically, then you need to question the wisdom of your ancestors. How can you possibly justify hating another human being such? A person who did you no wrong. A person whose only crime was sitting in the corner minding their own business and looking different compared to you.

This is the society we live in.

Where a man who committed no crime (last I checked, adultery wasn't a crime) but is condemned by the righteous rakyat. And so today I learnt something new. YEverybody fucks around. Everybody is a righteous bastard. Just don't be caught. And just don't be the one who has to be judged.

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not everybody fucks around. i dont want my gf to fuck somebody else. i dont know about you.

if you have vincent as your partner, i think you will have to fuck around.

by the way vince, didn't see you in the labis mca hand-holding photo. couldn't make it for the press conference?

“Abstinence is still the best way. And be faithful to your partner,” he told reporters after opening the First National AIDS Conference and launching the national-level World AIDS Day here yesterday.

I wonder why MCA has not taken this down yet.



This is the society we live in.

Where the people who committed no crime (last I checked, peaceful assemblies aren't a crime) but is condemned by the righteous politicians.



i think we are just too conservative to accept something unnatural or NEW. it is a common sense for us. our society is a bit biased on them. ha ha.. last time when i was window shopping in klcc, i was attracted by some pretty girls in two particular shoplots. they were so pretty that even a female can't resist to get close to them. yet when they talked to me, i was shocked at their voices. ha ha a fresh experience although i didn't spend any $$ in those shops (poor students, can't blame me) :)
vincent, i thought you will talk about the VCD..


vince tat csl sex partner definitely looks like blinkymummy. its her.

same face -->>same big eyes, same hairstyle !!



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ok we had this discussion online already.

50 minutes! 60 yrs old! blablabla he stupid to get caught.

faster come back. bored. we go supper at darussalam.


Wow....yeah..man...you are an asshole..
i'm glad ur the only one of ur kind in this world...but thanks for the sarcasm....you're one cool dick :) errr...nah...second thought..minus the cool...ur just a dick...


i thought what Chua Soi Lek did now sets the bar for politicians to a higher level of moral standards.

however, it is true that homosexuals (I never use the term faggot, mind you) or perhaps straight effeminate men do get a raw deal in most workplaces if they are out of the closet.


couldn't you have posted this earlier..like before new years eve...damn you...my conscience was killing me

der aput, how can a straight effeminate man be out of the closet? do you have trouble understanding the term "straight", "closet", or both?

haha...sorry about that. jumbled up comment of mine.

"straight effeminate men and homosexuals, transsexuals who are clearly out of the closet"

I extend my apologies to the anonymous character who is less than forgiving and even less understanding, but altogether cynical nonetheless.


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