Thursday, January 31, 2008

of randomness

This buddy of mine complained about work just now. Actually, most of my buddies seem to complain about work. Am I the only happy chappy around?!? The dude in question was complaining about his incompetant boss.

I never quite understand why people complain about their bosses being dumbasses. It may help that in all my jobs since I was 17, I have always been able to get along with all my bosses. And I certainly don't think it has anything to do with my (non-existant) people skills.

Anyways, I would have thought that having a moron for a boss would be a good thing because it would be easier to look good. Complaining that your boss if a moron means you think you are better than the dude, in which case he probably depends on you a lot. And surely it is good that people depend on you a lot?

And secondly, I once heard this awesome retort from someone. Why are you complaining about your boss? Him being your boss means that somewhere along the line he did something right in his career. Fine, you may say he kissed a lot of ass and sucked a lot of dick to get to where he is, but the fact that he earns more than you for doing less work (according to you) trumps the fact that you think you are smarter than he is.

As House would say, "Reasons don't matter. Results do."

What is up with random people calling themselves entrepreneurs? Let's clarify things, alright. You have a shitty product over the Internet. That was pretty much the same thing as me selling art blocks at 50 cents a piece when I was in Standard 4. And I didn't call myself an entrepreneur, dammit.

Young entrepreneur my ass la. Sitting at home banging balls in front of your computer does not make you a businessman. It just makes you a slacker who is too lazy to go out and get a real job and actually contribute to society.

A lot of people are not looking forward to Chinese New Year. It is much simpler for me. Chinese New Year for me means I usually get to go back to my natural habitat in a jungle somewhere, sleep under the stars and eat frogs.

However, this year, I MIGHT have to go back to work on the 3rd day of New Year. No, you didn't read that wrong. Yes, I know it is a Saturday. What to do, right? You gotta do what you gotta do.

Finally, please go watch Rambo.

Unlike the Cloverfield bullshit, this one actually entertained me.


rambo made no sense. but then, i guess it was never meant to be anything other than a movie to help finance sly's plastic surgery needs.

Movies don't need to make sense when there is so much blood and gore.

You actually liked rambo?

Bored the hell out of me. Even Sweeney Todd was better.


Body parts flying everywhere. Unimaginable violence. (who would have thought of ripping out another guys throat with their bare hands?!)And did you realise that nobody died with a simple gunshot wound?

What's not to like?

1.5 hours of mindless fun!


ha ha i don't dare to say my boss stupid but i always tell others my boss is cuckoo. he has high expectations on all of us. since at least 8 years ago, he didn't really do any first-hand work. his expectation is too high for all of us. so hard to reach his expectation. ha ha after working, i really understand how horrible a boss is to his employer. my boss is always being cursed by me lol.. poor him but i am poorer lol

oops sorry it is employee.. lol

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