Tuesday, February 19, 2008

so who you vote?

Election fever is really beginning to show. We are contemplating postponing the start of a project till after the elections so that everybody can go home and vote. The flags have started flying, especially in this kampung town where I am.

I think I have said enough about the state of the political parties in this country and how voting for any of them is nothing more than being between the devil and the deep blue sea. Enough about me moaning about how the government seems to be screwing things up and the opposition definitely not being strong enough run the country. When you are standing in front of the voting slip on election day and you don't know who to vote, there's always the option of drawing a monkey and marking an 'X' next to it.

I watched one of Barack Obama's speeches on CNN the other day was absolutely enthralled. I watched him talk for 10 minutes and I was totally drawn into his propaganda. He hypnotised me with his elocution skills and for that brief moment in time, I actually believed IN him, never mind that I have nothing to do with the US Elections. I told my friend this story and she asked me if he was talking about "giving power to the minority" since he was black himself.

I can't say that I follow the American presidential race very closely, but I understand that both him and Hillary Clinton have made it very clear in a few of their speeches that they hoped they would win the nomination, not because they were a woman/black but because the voters believed in them and trusted their abilities. In short, Obama refused to make it a racial issue, while Clinton refused to make it a gender issue.

And this is where we Malaysians FAIL big time. We ask for meritocracy, but many a time I have heard the Chinese complain that they will never see a Chinese Prime Minister. I always have the same response. Instead of asking that our Prime Minister be of a certain skin colour, how about asking for a competent and clean one instead?

We score top marks in the hypocrisy section when we ask for equal rights as Malaysians. We ask to be treated equally and abolish special rights given to certain Malaysians. But when the elections come around, you have people like Hindraf complaining that the government didn't do enough for the Indians. The Chinese go on and on about their ridiculous Chinese school demands.

I have been telling everybody for ages that democracy doesn't work. Not in this country anyway. Democracy works under the assumption that each and every voter has all the facts and can make rational and informed decisions. Not a chance in hell that is going to work. Not when you have citizens who vote a party just because they repair your village dirt road 2 months before the elections. Not when you have citizens who vote a party because they were told there are religious consequences in the afterlife if they didn't.

Giving power to the citizens just because they have a vested interest in the country is like giving power to 500 000 factory workers in Vietnam and asking them to vote somebody to be the CEO of Nike. In the corporate world, there is a Board of Directors who make decisions like that. These are people who are undoubtedly capable and competent in their own right. These are people who can make informed decisions.

In Malaysia we have The Council of Rulers, our very own permanent Board of Directors. Why are the Sultans powerless? Screw democracy and power to the people. If this model works in all the biggest companies in the world, why can't this model work for a nation? Is management in the corporate world so different from the outside world?

I am actually keen to know whether people choose to vote the party or the person. I actually do have a peeve with most of the people I meet who say that they are sick of the way things are and are willing to vote for ANY opposition because they are desperate for change. I reckon that is the stupidest thing anybody can do.

Look, if you support the opposition, vote for them by all means. If you believe in them, if you believe in their abilities then yes, support them all you like. But don't vote for them just because you want something different. How can you buy into something you have no faith in? Similarly, if you think the current government is doing a good job, then go for it. Re-elect them. But don't do it just because you don't like the particular opposition party.

When I was young, I couldn't understand why there were so many spoilt votes. I always wondered how people could be so stupid to not understand that they have to mark a simple 'X' next to the person they liked. Now I know why they did it. I think most of the spoilt votes came from people who didn't like either of the options they were provided and wanted to voice their opinion.

Honestly, it seems like a pretty good option at the moment.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

it's my year

Sorry late ah.

Happy New Year! Happy Rat Year!

Now, I am not one for reading into horoscopes and zodiacs and what-have-yous but someone dropped a bombshell on me over New Year dinner and told me that I am Chinese, and am therefore superior with superior believes and traditions. But never mind the dude that choses to suck his own dick. Never mind also if you didn't understand that rant.

Oh, to those of you who didn't get any SMS from me wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year, that's because I got tired of personally typing people their individual greeting and then not even having them reply with a word of thanks. This year rather, I replied everybody who sent me a greeting and typed each one of them a personal message.

Back to where I was, it's supposed to be MY year isn't it? It should be good, no? I have plans for this year - career wise, and all the other stuff too. Executing them would not be easy, but I reckon it's all about stuffing up the cojones. In many ways, in many things, I have to insist that a lot of things are done my way.

It's my year, isn't it?

In the gambling front, I spent 3 solid days playing Texas Hold 'Em, where the highlight was fighting back from having 2 chips left to winning 40 bucks in that round. It helped that in the final hand, my uncle had a Queen full house and threw in all his money. With a pair of hidden Kings and another pair on the table, I kicked ass.

It's my year, alright.

I was supposed to be on leave this whole week for a much needed break. Usually, I go camping every New Year. I had frogs last year and went fishing in Kenyir the year before. This year, however, we couldn't go because we got word that it was raining heavily at the camping place and it would make our 4WD expedition impossible. So, I sat home and played with my spanking new PS3 all day long. But then, I got a call earlier today from my boss asking that I cut my leave short because of a work emergency. So back to work and no more bumming around!!

It really is my year.