Tuesday, February 12, 2008

it's my year

Sorry late ah.

Happy New Year! Happy Rat Year!

Now, I am not one for reading into horoscopes and zodiacs and what-have-yous but someone dropped a bombshell on me over New Year dinner and told me that I am Chinese, and am therefore superior with superior believes and traditions. But never mind the dude that choses to suck his own dick. Never mind also if you didn't understand that rant.

Oh, to those of you who didn't get any SMS from me wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year, that's because I got tired of personally typing people their individual greeting and then not even having them reply with a word of thanks. This year rather, I replied everybody who sent me a greeting and typed each one of them a personal message.

Back to where I was, it's supposed to be MY year isn't it? It should be good, no? I have plans for this year - career wise, and all the other stuff too. Executing them would not be easy, but I reckon it's all about stuffing up the cojones. In many ways, in many things, I have to insist that a lot of things are done my way.

It's my year, isn't it?

In the gambling front, I spent 3 solid days playing Texas Hold 'Em, where the highlight was fighting back from having 2 chips left to winning 40 bucks in that round. It helped that in the final hand, my uncle had a Queen full house and threw in all his money. With a pair of hidden Kings and another pair on the table, I kicked ass.

It's my year, alright.

I was supposed to be on leave this whole week for a much needed break. Usually, I go camping every New Year. I had frogs last year and went fishing in Kenyir the year before. This year, however, we couldn't go because we got word that it was raining heavily at the camping place and it would make our 4WD expedition impossible. So, I sat home and played with my spanking new PS3 all day long. But then, I got a call earlier today from my boss asking that I cut my leave short because of a work emergency. So back to work and no more bumming around!!

It really is my year.


gong xi fa cai Vince kor.

I don't understand how can people romanise gong xi fa cai as 'gong xi fatt cai', as 'fatt' is Cantonese and 'fa' is Mandarin.

Damn, I lost RM3. pfft.

Probably I should reply to those who send/forward me things, rather than sending them to people who never reply. Next year..


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