Wednesday, March 12, 2008

72 hours after the tsunami...

...and the in-house fighting has already begun. New dawn? HAHAHAHA!

Quick, show of hands! Who was surprised?!?


Oh, you mean you didn't expect it? If you didn't expect it, you really are a moron.

I was telling everybody who wanted to listen on Monday that the Perak MB issue will blow up in everybody's face.

I was laughing when I heard this friend of mine voted the 'alliance' without knowing that his precious DAP wouldn't get to put one of their guys as the Menteri Besar because of his skin colour. That's all fine, this is Malaysia and we all accept that. Except that I think the party with the most seats should have the right to have one of their guys as the head honcho. Oh, but except for the other fact that that party does not have any Malay dudes in it. So much for Saudara Anwar's anti-racial politics stance, eh?

And then Old Man Lim goes and pisses off his fan club by saying that DAP will boycott the swearing in ceremony of the new Chief Minister. One of the gem comments (before his site crashed by being lynched by the stupid Internet herd) was this bloke saying that this was his first and will be his last time voting for DAP because he regrets thinking they could bring a change.

Can you spell F-I-C-K-L-E??

I tell you, it pains me to see my country ripped apart by stupid politicians, past and present. But it sure is an awesome feeling knowing that I am right and I can go around telling all the idiots out there, "I TOLD YOU SO!"

Brace yourself. It's going to be a rocky few months. You ain't seen nothing yet.

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Gotta hand it to you Vince, you were right and I am an idiot. Let's see if he is really going to go through with it tomorrow.

so kelakar... vincent keep quiet for a few days... then when got chance to say' hey i'm right see.... ' he jumps at it.

sigh you very cute lah.

i had a talk with this guy fr nilai yesterday who had something to say about lowering fuel costs, while i can prolly calculate the economics of exactly how that is going to happen if i were DSAI, i feel that party needs to reeducate the party members a little bit more...

i'll shock you with further news too, but right now i have a leaning tower of cables to save, and interesting right now at this moment i'm trying to figure out just how ronnie liu is going to handle the rawang issue.


Moral of the story: People are lalang.



chooki: Of course it's funny. Keep quiet for few days? Of course when nothing happen I shut up la. You want me to make noise when nothing happening issit? I really hoped nothing would happen, but as things turned out, it took THREE DAYS for them to screw up big time.


(Actually, it took only 2 days for Lim Guan Eng to decide to reward law breakers, but let's not harp on petty issues, shall we?)

And sure, you can talk to a bloke from where ever. Of course it can be done. Anything can be done. The question is how big an impact will it have on future earnings?

Since you are so interested in this fuel issue, you should probably read up on Pertamina's crash and burn, and more recently Venezuela's PDVSA's decline as an oil and gas major.

And besides, if you wanted a lesson in economics, Saudara Anwar is probably one of the last few people you want to listen to. Wasn't he the Finance Minister when Malaysia crashed in 1997? And wasn't he also the guy who nearly sold our asses to the IMF?


I don't understand why people still look to The Saudara.

Feller never even finished uni, started out as an Islamic funadmentalist (the young ones won't remember who started ABIM), got invited to join UMNO by Tun M just so he would stop being a pain in the PM's backside (allegedly he was, in other people's backsides LOL) and ran crying to Uncle Lim the day after he got fired in 1998.

The rakyat's tsunami has apparently turned into a tsu-niamah. LOL


"I was laughing when I heard this friend of mine voted the 'alliance' without knowing that his precious DAP wouldn't get to put one of their guys as the Menteri Besar because of his skin colour."

You were laughing? Oh so you find racism funny now mate? What exactly is so funny about a discriminatory law that states that a position HAS to be held by a person of a certain race, irregardless of ability? Does Penang state constitution state that the CM MUST be a Chinese, irrespective of whether there is a better or more qualified Malay/Indian/Lain-lain candidate?

Guess who introduced the article into the state constitution about specifically a Malay MB?

Oh thats right. U Must Not Object.

Did Lim Kit Siang and DAP make a mountain out of a molehill? Yes they did. Are they at fault for this issue? Yes, partially.

But who is the root cause of the problem? UMNO, who wrote that constitution, and their UMNO-first-fuck-everyone-else policies. So who are the real ****s?



Well done, Vincent....all applause goes to you. You are certainly a sceptical genius. I gotta hand it to you, YOU should be a politician. You criticize and crticize, and your solutions are really top-notch I tell you. Kudos to you ler......u jump in at every negative opportunity to give ur one cents worth...truly...you have us all fooled..Ong Ka Chuan should really take you in as his protege....COngrats my friend....CONGRATs..

anon: If you read back the sentence that you so cleverly quoted, I said I was laughing at the dude who made the uninformed decision and was later complaining about it.

By the way, the rule also applied to all the states except Penang and Melacca (negeri-negeri Selat) and Sabah & Sarawak. Perhaps you would like to polish up your Form 5 sejarah before you blame others.

vertigo: Why, thank you. I was merely learning from the example of all the bloggers (before Saturday, of course).


Well, I can't say anything, other than, give me an example of a new government who have a smooth few months?

Kevin Rudd from Australia? nope. South Korea's new president? nope. Thailand's? nope. Pakistan's? nope.

So while you can gloat at the fight, bear in mind that politics is like that. Dirty and nasty. And we are just the audience, just get the popcorns ready then.

And I pity your friend. So farnie la he, ask him to go to Malacca, Penang, and Sabah Sarawak lor.

There are too many fickle-minded people. Malaysians are just simply too emotional and cannot accept criticisms. More to look forward to then.



I don't expect everything to be smooth sailing, but the biggest problem is that if they can't even work together in the beginning, it can't look good a few months down the line.

And I am definitely not the only one who said that 3 parties with different idealogies, co-existing over the fact that 'your enemy is my enemy'is a recipe for disaster.

I just hope that things get better. Not counting on it, but really hoping.


not really, but some times i feel this method of 'whatever to keep the peace' is not going to keep the peace for long... i do see where you've coming from ... maybe yah we should, let's be happy happy when everything is diam, don't talk...

however in recent months i've come to see the value of constructive destruction. hence why i cannot agree with you too much... but i still stand by this observation... why lah you keep quiet when things are not in your favour... and talk and laugh so loud when suddenly there is a glimpse of the opportunity to say 'i told you so'. it puts you in the cute category for a terribly long time and i refuse to surrender to the possibility that your talents and wisdom are limited to this extent for the sake of the greater 'peace'.


There's a thin line between healthy internal checks and balances and petty squabbling.

To be sure, we do not now which one it is that is raging on right now in Perak.

But if it is indeed not just squabbling, it is vital to remember that a clash of ideas and being open about these clashes can be a good thing in that it inserts dynamism to a political party. You just need to look at the American system of internal party politics to see this.

We do know at least that DAP does not have a strong central authority (a good thing in my books) and that PAS has been all but cordial with relation to the Perak coalition issue.



Well, now that things are civil again, why don't you blog about that moron who scored 21 As in his SPM? Hopefully it can generate some funny replies like that topic you made 2 years ago.

Err... make that 3 years.

Did you know that that fucking idiot scored his solitary A2 in English for Science and Technology?

Of all fucking papers, he 'flunked' on the easiest.


since nothing yet... cannot so fast i told u so la...

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