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election aftermath

Wasn't that a shocker?

Last night, Manyoo and Chelsea both lost their FA Cup matches to less popular opponents. Although Liverpool will tell you that Barnsley are not inferior in anyway, and the signs were there for Chelsea, nobody would have bet their life on it. Of course in Chelsea's case you could blame arrogance and complacency, coupled with an incompetent manager, but there was still no excuse. It makes for an exciting season finale in the Premier League and the next few months will be crucial.

Last night's other results ran pretty much along the same lines as our favourite national sport – the one in which we love so much, but the same one that pains me to see our incompetency taking centre stage.

Samy had to go. That much was clear. At one point Khairy and Rafidah were losing but nobody would have missed them anyway. Koh Tsu Koon and Chew Mei Fun's respective losses were debatable, although credit has to be given to their formidable and qualified opponents. However, some of last night's results were just unacceptable.

Someone sounded very happy when she told me Sharizat lost. I wonder if these people know what they are talking about. Sharizat had done more for the disabled community than all of her predecessors combined. For her to lose to a girl whose only purpose is to act as proxy for her father is bordering on ridiculous. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in giving a big round of applause for Malaysian Nepotism at its finest.

However, even more ridiculous is the victory of PKR’s Loh Gwo Burne in Kelana Jaya – a boy whose only contribution to the country so far was to accidentally tape a video of an Indian bloke talking on the phone 6 years ago and release it 6 months before the elections. Ladies and gentlemen, another round of applause please. This time, give it up for Malaysian Transparency!

This goes to shoot down any theory that people vote the person and not the party. You could have put a donkey under the opposition banner yesterday and people would still have voted the donkey. And for that, I would like to congratulate the thousands of fickle minded people who voted to take out an idiot and put a bigger idiot in his place. You may hate one party all you like and love the other party to bits, but there has to be a sensible and rational line that needs to be drawn. Did you even know that Loh Gwo Burne wasn't even a registered voter? And you people put him in the Parliament!! Congratulations, you guys cleverly cut off your nose just to spite your face.

What's most interesting now is to see how things pan out in MCA and Gerakan, and more importantly, MIC. The idea put forward to me a couple of days ago by one of my friends was quite simple. In essence, in order to keep yourself on the right track, you need a strong opposition. However, you also need powerful and convincing allies. The point was not that BN was too powerful prior to Saturday. The problem was that UMNO was too powerful and had started ignoring their allies. MCA and MIC leaders turned into nothing short of being yes-men because they knew that if they didn’t toe along, they would be crushed. What we really needed was an MCA and MIC that was equally as strong as UMNO.

What happened yesterday was that both MCA and MIC were indeed crushed, but crushed by opponents didn't expect. So what we are left with now is a very bruised BN with UMNO emerging the least weakened among the 3 major allies. Yes, in their place, DAP and PKR would voice their objections, even more strongly than MCA and MIC could ever dream off. But when you have a hard head in power, persuasive friends are always more effective and can gain more in-roads than an irritating rival.

What ideally needed to happen was DAP and PKR to win outright, but that was never going to be possible due to their lack of ambition from the start. The fact that the duo won 3 states as opposed to their target of just 1 is indication enough of how far they could have gone if they put in more effort in the other states. What is worrying now is that there is a real possibility that a bruised BN (or UMNO, depending on how you see it) is forced to elect ministers even more incompetent than the current bunch, and that there are now no real allies to keep them in their place. Let's just hope that the opposition, with all their voice now is powerful enough to keep BN in line. Otherwise, we would find ourselves in a position much worse than we started off in.

Another equally interesting thing to watch out for is to see how PKR governs Selangor. This is more interesting than Penang because it was totally out of the blue and the opposition wouldn't in their wildest dreams have thought of winning Malaysia’s most developed state. What are their plans? Would the federal government starve the Selangor government of money the same way they did with Kelantan and Terengganu?

But what annoys me the most out of all this is that petrol prices are probably going to remain as they are for quite a while. In this 'new era', we need leaders who can make decisions which are unpopular but correct. The elections are over. The popularity contest can stop now. I don’t care what Anwar Ibrahim said in his pre-election speeches, this economy cannot sustain itself for long if we continue unnecessary wastage through ridiculous subsidies.

Think about this. You walk into a petrol station and fill up your gas tank. You then walk into the station’s convenience store and buy a can of Coke. The 325ml can of Coke costs RM1.20, which works out to roughly RM3.70 per litre. Ridiculously, you paid RM1.92 for a litre of petrol. Imagine that!! A can of Coca-cola costs more than a can of refined petrol! We are willing to pay more for gassy sugared water than we are willing to pay for an unrenewable energy source!

So now we have a bunch of leaders who have been burned and are too afraid to anger the people anymore. On the other side of the fence, we have a bunch of leaders who got there on the promise that they would make petrol the same price as a bottle of Spritzer.

Well done lads. Long live democracy, eh?

Everybody seems to be celebrating in this 'new' Malaysia. Change has occured, they say. What change? For better or worse? There is work to be done. Don't celebrate just yet.

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ok lah friend, as much as you think you make sense in this post, u really need to be in lembah pantai during the last few days of the elections to know why shahrizat lost the fight... it wasn't exactly that anwar's daughter won, its because shahrizat totally lost it.

just two days before the election, some smart aleck on shahrizat's band decided that it would be smart to have a street party of sorts along jalan telawi to welcome the deputy prime minister. our friend the YB Minister also got some big gun CEOs to come to the area to give talks that sounded too suspiciously like an allied front of bn-paid speakers.

for me the last straw was when they decided to have a majlis ramah mesra at my office's sports quarters... as much as my co is government linked, this much is certain - we support the government of the day, and in the campaign season the gov of the day is definitely not BN. Use of gov funds, gov-paid servants, gov-linked employees in your own campaign is akin to paving ur own grave. hence the swing.

and i'll talk to you about your petrol rationale in a bit. there has been too much lie mongering within the circles. call me sometime.


i totally agree with you. i cant understand why some malaysians are for the opponents when BN has done so much for our country. I too think that gas is too cheap.
And, i hate it so much when the opponents give speeches, they talk much more bulshit than the government.
I like your views, are you lefthanded?


So, because of a horrible campaign manager, you guys essentially ignored 4 years of good work? Unlike Samy, she did her job and did it fairly well.

On the other hand, Nurul Izzah won because she is the daughter of our Malaysian Mesiah of the Month. This is ironic, because you people voted for change. One of the major annoyances was Khairy being Badawi's Son-in-law and you people claimed that it was favouritism that a nobody came up so fast.

Now, after 'change' you guys go and do the same thing all over again. Nepotism? No, it's only called nepotism if people you don't like do it.

And on petrol....I would really like to hear about this 'lie'. You know me better than to believe stories from 'within circles'. Unless you consider foreign news and foreign oil and gas experts to be 'within circles'.


How would you know Nurul Izzah Anwar won simply because she IS Anwar's daughter?

I have friends who attended her talk and based on her speeches, she was trained and proved to be very powerful that her father need not to be even there to stand for her also they were convinced she could win this contest. Being blood-linked to Anwar Ibrahim was just an advantage that she didn't ask for.

I won't deny that Shahrizat really did her job well. But only her part of the ministry. Okay, then if you want to talk about her own ministry, then What happened with the 'bocor' case? She was one of the judges judging those two sexist MPs, had she had the guts to say something, or even declare punishment, it wouldn't come down that harshly won't it?

And many people were almost as shocked hearing the win as much as you are, vincent. We didn't know this wind of change blew so seriously.

Blame it on BN who really slacked off this time, as we heard of a series of ceramahs from the Opposition, and none from BN. So, yeah...cheers, my two cents.


I helped volunteer for Nurul Izzah here in Lembah Pantai. There are a number of reasons she won:

1) she's an awesome speaker, like it or not.

2) It's not that people don't like Sharizat, its more that she's virtually useless in Parliament. Sexist comments and the like.

3) Sharizat did well, but she hardly flinched for the poor, working class people.

4) Indian vote. 'Nuff said.

I don't think the charge of nepotism is fair. First of all, as hard as it may be to believe, Anwar isn't the only voice in PKR. She was purposely fielded in a difficult seat to avoid the nepotism charge. Would you have bet on her, with Sharizat having been the incumbent for how long again? Plus, if you were at her last ceramah in Lucky Garden on Saturday, she explicitly said she wouldn't step down for her father. Anwar himself didn't believe she could win. That is, until about tuesday this week.


Just so you all know:

1) Khairy is an awesome speaker too. So if you are going to use that as a point, don't complain about Khairy as well.

2) Sexist remarks and the likes. Don't you think that is the problem with Malaysian politics in general where everybody has to toe party line? Have you heard any opposition member reprimand Tian Chua for acting like a gangster? Speaking of whom, another annoyance is the fact that you guys complain about gangsters in our Parliament and the next step taken is to vote Tian Chua in.

3) You all seem to agree that she did indeed do a good job. In fact, for the disabled community, she did a great job. So if doing a great job is not enough to get re-elected, then what is all this talk about meritocracy?

4) Anybody here interested in defending Loh Gwo Burne then? No merits?

5) I don't expect to win arguments. I gave up on winning arguments on the Internet a long time ago. I just hope that you people reflect on what you have done. This is my analysis on what happened. It may not be dead correct, but this is how I feel.


Right, we'll do darn well to remember your point. We haven't forget Khairy. We haven't forget Tian Chua. But at least this election shows we can monitor them and see how badly they can do to our country for the moment.

And no, we know fully well who we truly support. I know, stupid as it sounds, we do vote for stupid people simply just to see a change. So if these stupid people did well in managing us, should we continue in voting for them for our sake because they did something or under influence of the puppeteer?

That's for you to ponder, thanks for your point, i agree to most of them.

Btw, Tian Chua is not the only gangster in the Parliament. I have heard rumours about a certain politician being a real gangster boss in real life.

Malaysian politics suck. So what? we are still here in Malaysia. Live with it.

My two cents being not appreciated and i couldn't care less.


tian chua is a gangster only when it comes to defending people's liberties.

shahrizat felt the burn for toeing the party line.

loh gwo burne is just a little boy who is a bit lost. someone should draw him a map back to china. i was thinking either hwa beng or billi lim, but never gwo burne. i am surprised that billi didnt get more that just 1000 votes. i was expecting many protest votes to go his way.

khairy is in no way a good speaker. his target audience are mat rempits.


Cheers mate. I don't get the deal of everyone jumping for joy already. So opposition's got more power than they actually hoped for. And? Nothing has even started yet. No one has done anything. For all we know this bunch of new people are just as useless as the rest.

These 5 years mark a trial period for DAP and PKR to show malaysia what they can do. The people have given them their chance. They might damn well screw the whole thing over yet again. Nothing to celebrate about.

I'm not even thinking big. I'm only thinking my own area. I want to see results in my own area. Our parliament 'cameraman' may seem like a joke at the start, but if he can in someway or some miracle deliver to the people, which I doubt but will not hold it against him, then who's to say about merits and such.

Some people just don't realise how strict the situation is now. Neither party can afford a single slip up. And when they do, it's going to be really screwed up.


1) Khairy an awesome speaker? Lay off the crack. Everyone hates him due to his sheer arrogance and boorishness, and trust me, kampung Malays hate him more than the urban bloggers - which is why he needed "postal votes" to win in a RURAL MALAY DISTRICT, Rembau against an unfancied, out-of-town opponent whom nobody had ever heard of before the elections. Riding around like an Emperor escorted by a group of rowdy Mat Rempits makes him awesome? You really are out of touch with reality.

2) Sharizat did a "good job" (in relation to whom? If Khir Toyol and Samy Vellu yes, when compared to Western standards no) in her MINISTRY but not in her constituency. Apparently you have failed to grasp the difference. Lembah Pantai includes Brickfields and Kg Kerinchi, where poor people have been suffering in addition to high prices, govt cheat WRT low-cost housing, traffic problems and floods. So tell me again what good job she is doing. Lembah Pantai doesn't consist of Bangsar alone - hands up who wants to live in Brickfields?

3) How does Tian Chua act like a gangster again? Examples? He may act like a slightly unhinged Western social activist (sort of the Greenpeace Hippies) but gangster? No that honour has to go to our Menantu Hells Angels Rempit, being escorted around Rembau by his "biker gang".

4) If Haris Ibrahim backs Loh Gwo-Burne, and actually took the time out to speak at his "ceramah", then thats good enough for me - btw I voted for him in Subang. I think I take Haris' word over yours anytime given your track record (or lack thereof). If he doesn't do a good job, SJ can always kick him out in 5 years so what else is new.

PS: Gwo-Burne's contribution might have been small, but even then its a whole lot better than what most BN MP's in the S'gor region have contributed. Care to tell me what Khir Toyol has contributed to our great nation (besides billboards)?


you don't drink coke that often, do you???

Please make a more ADIL comparison :D



1) Look, I hate Khairy just as much as the next guy. But you clearly haven't heard him speak. His oratory skills deserve a mention.

2) Sharizat helped the disabled community more than you will ever know. Did you know that they get allowances? The job situation is not good, but it has improved tremendously compared to 10 years ago. Just because you don't know what she's done, that doesn't mean she didn't do anything meaningful.

3) Again, I do not deny that Khairy and his rempits are unsightly. But that doesn't mean you counter that by putting another gangster in the Parliament. If you don't know what Tian Chua did, you are too ignorant. The guy ran over a barricade and in the process nearly ran over a policeman, and also haven't you heard of his exploits with Photoshop?

4) Haris Ibrahim isn't exactly a neutral is he? Dammit, you are actually defending the fact that Loh Gwo Burne was running for a parliamentary seat but wasn't even a registered voter?!?! Don't make excuses for your uninformed decision!


anon : Is petrol a renewable source? Pleaselah, don't argue for the sake of arguing can or not?


be patient a bit lah..
haiyoo...the new government is just starting only mah..

complain so much for what?!

unless u still like to see the BN cronies sucking blood out of the rakyat's money, I think BN's lost was a good thing. YES, I think we should cheer for BN's lost.

After this,there might will be more monkeys in the parliament, but you have not seen how they work yet so you can't judge them. Maybe they are not monkeys after all.

"A can of Coca-cola costs more than a can of refined petrol!", unless you like to shove a can of refined petrol into your system, I don't see what's the point of the argument here.



1) Yes I've heard Khairy speak and he comes off as patronizing, arrogant and insensitive. If he is such a great orator how come his "ceramah" in Rembau were so poorly attended? Especially given that Khairy himself is from Rembau? And that the electorate are kampung folk who love ceramahs?

2) You've changed the subject. Whether or not she helped the disabled community, THEY aren't voting for her. Her constituency in Lembah Pantai are the ones voting for her.
Did she do a good job? Why don't you try asking those in Brickfields and Kg Kerinchi if they are happy with the work she's done, they will give you an earful.

3) Tian Chua is brash, slightly unhinged and overaggressive - hence my description of him as one of the Greenpeace hippie loonies. But I doubt anyone can consider him a gangster. Is he my idea of what an MP should be? No. But then I guess Lim Si Pin was even worse than him - can't say much as no one knows anything about Lim Si Pin other than him being Daddy Keng Yaik's boy.

4) Haris ain't a neutral but then neither are you. We're all biased - and thats the truth.

Reality is, a LOT of SJ/USJ voters were deeply unhappy with Lee Hwa Beng not just for macro issues like him being in MCA etc but also for micro issues within SJ - issues like Tasik Subang for one. And he was strongly perceived as saying one thing in front of voters and another at the MPSJ meetings. And his VERY famous utterance of "I am on your side but I have no power (to do anything)". Also, the man lives in a RM1.5 million mansion in Tropicana, which leads many to speculate about his source of income, ESPECIALLY when he is very cozy with certain developers (who want to develop Tasik Subang). Ask a SJ resident about this issues sometime! Or you can ask anyone on USJ.com.my. Many supported him in 04 but by 08 his arrogance and ineptitude had turned them against him.

Just like Sharizat in Lembah Pantai, LOCAL residents and more importantly VOTERS actively perceive that their MPs, Sharizat and Hwa Beng have NOT served in the best interests of the constituency and are angry with their amassed riches and indifference to topics close to resident's hearts. Just because these issues were NOT reported or highlighted in lapdog papers like The Star or NST doesn't mean they weren't real, and they didn't swing MANY votes to their opponents.


Yes, Malaysians vote the party. This goes against the reasoning behind the Westminster system we've adapted, but we still vote the party?


Because mos voters are still practical. Most parties don't have provisions for dissenting votes in any legislative assembly. A party, in this sense, is one huge voting bloc.

That is why a party-based vote seems more sensible. That is also why we should move to proportional representation.

Shahrizat did indeed do a decent job. But the people of Lembah Pantai may have more on their minds than that. She was recorded as saying that she does not feel motivated by constituents who seek help but did not vote for her.

This result practically says that the interests of the disabled of Malaysia is diluted by the first-past-the-post system we use, and they've become a weak voting bloc. The people of lembah Pantai obviously had other issues on their minds about Disabled Rights, and Shahrizat herself did not make this her campaign issue.

The fact of the matter is, when people voted Loh Gwo Burne, they were electing Lim Kit Siang, or Anwar or whoever they thought would be the intellectual force behind the opposition. That Loh could enter parliament was simply to add votes for the other side.

Again, the vagaries of the system. The voters cannot be fully made responsible.



We could go on and on in loops arguing about what happened and what could happen.

I'll leave it at that because frankly, I am sick of preaching the same thing over and over again - in real life and over the Internet.

This is one situation which I really hope I am proven wrong.

We shall wait and see.


But seriously, will you guys get your heads out of your asses about the petrol price?


I blame the poor english proficiency (among other things) demonstrated by the younger generation on Saudara Anwar's tenure as Minister of Education. He was the feller who introduced KBSR and KBSM back in the late 80s, which represented started the dumbing down of our education system.

The consequences are very much visible today. On this comment page itself. Heh.


The Opposition has got itself in a lurch though, in promising more subsidies for oil yet also wanting to promote a more competitive business environment with less protectionism.

With a nascent two-party system quite probable, it seems they would now have an equal amount of glaring internal contradictions.



You're right Vince. There is no point arguing. People like us are minorities in the internet. I cant understand why they never appreciate anything good that government has done since independence. Today KLCI went down 10%. Good job everybody!

very good points man.

I rarely read pro-gov blogs.I will bookmark you.

I believe Malaysians have not get rid of racism in them. It's just that Chinese are voting for DAP( a Chinese dominated party) while Indians and Malays in large numbers are voting for PKR and PAS. These have driven all Malaysians to vote for political parties based on their "views" and above all, their races.Some of these votes translate into anti-BN votes rather than pro-opposition votes.

AS a non-Malay,non-Chinese and non-Indian, I fear voting for DAP and PAS. While UMNO is getting worse day by day, BN has the strongest base to unite "Lain-Lain" like me.I love Dr. M even when he was a Malay nationalist for what he has done to our country.

If the opposition came to power in 2014, I am leaving Malaysia for good. It's already hard to be "lain-lain" in Malaysia and with DAP and PAS, the "lain-lain" are doomed.

Keep blogging man, don't fear the opposition's noise machines.


yo kawan 'anon', u can leave msia whenever u can to ... however i wanna address the issue that whichever country u go to, u wont be lonely. why? u'll find lotsa fellow msians. what r they doing there? let me tell u something interesting here: in london itself, there're already more than 10,000 msians working illegally there. so what reason u might ask.
well its not like they wanna leave their home sweet home, but its the current system that has pushed them to the limit. they were so poor that they were driven to the edge where they would rather trade their dignity, avoiding police, dont ming being yelled like a dog, than to struggle for a living in msia. basically, they are marginalised. this is something that u never see.
ok what about the rich people? why did they choose to leave the country and migrate? that's becos they felt that they're not treated as an anak malaysia at all. i tell u the truth. u can leave the country now for another foreign land becos immediately u reach there, u might find urself granted with more human rights than u can possibly have here, in ur own tanah air. i really sokong u if u have decided to do that!
why cant ppl think the other way round? if this country claims that it isnt racist at all, why in the first place do we need different component parties to represent each major race? also, i seriously cant see ur reasoning here man. If u fall under 'lain lain', to be really honest with u, i dont see u belonging to ANY BN component party AT ALL becos we know that BN mainly consists of UMNO, MCA and MIC. So tell me, where is ur 'lain lain' party?
However if u look more closely at the opposition parties, were they formed based on race or ideology?
we can choose to keep on narrowing and limiting ourselves to joining parties only based on race, or we can choose to take a step of faith to learn which type of ideology would work best for us.
so once again, i really sokong u if u wanna leave the country, so that u can open up ur EYES BIG to see how the developed countries work!


siew teen,

I have a polar opposite view for you.

As a Malaysian who fled Malaysia to live in a western country,let me assure you that your idea of a raceless utopia in western nations is flawed.

I am one example of Malaysians who have faced discriminations in the hand of Chinese in Malaysia. A form of discrimination that is rarely discussed by Malaysians.I left Malaysia six years ago because I was tired of being treated with hate and distrust by my Chinese co-workers. Don't get me wrong, there are good Chinese but there are also racist Chinese. Non-Chinese are facing the same level of persecutions in Singapore.

I believe the same level of hate is being faced by Blacks in South Africa and Ivory Coast. Positive discriminations of the native protect them from being second class citizens in their own land.Even America has introduced affirmative actions to help minorities. But the question in Malaysia is beyond the colonized-colonizer relationships,but a demand for an utopian raceless nation even as ethno-nationalism is rising in Europe.

Most Malays in Penang are fearing DAP's CM but not BN's CM.For the already marginalized non-Chinese of penang, the risk of having a "malaysia is for Malaysians" party is parallel to having libertarian party elected to rule the poor.

Ideology is mere face value of the party. But then again, I am eager to see how Islamists and progressives would work together to change Malaysia and abolished mandarin from being used to hire workers and would go beyond that without provoking the marginalized.

The idea of a raceless Malaysia does not impress me and those who are fighting for it would only see the rise of ethno-nationalism in Malaysia.

Mexicans came here not because their countries lack "democracy", but because they lack the wealth needed.Many Blacks are still living in ghetto and have

Most western European countries are the biggest ethno-nationalists you can meet. While the framework of human rights have prevented them from butchering minorities


"I love Dr. M even when he was a Malay nationalist for what he has done to our country."

Wow. Like nearly bankrupting us with his grand but utterly USELESS "Mega Projects (TM)"? Like clamping down HARD on Press Freedoms during Ops Lalang? Like abusing the ISA like no leader before him? Like breeding a culture of nepotism, corruption and "close one eye" that has brought us to this brink?

You're like a woman who loves an abusive, drunkard husband because she can't see a future with anyone else.

"If the opposition came to power in 2014, I am leaving Malaysia for good. It's already hard to be "lain-lain" in Malaysia and with DAP and PAS, the "lain-lain" are doomed."

Greetings Mr Cyber-trooper. Hey, any tips on how to get in on that gig? Sounds like a cushy job, trolling on the Internet running down the opposition and getting paid rm4k every month with our tax money. I sure could use the $$$$.

BTW, for those talking about the DAP "marginalizing non-Chinese", I didn't know Karpal Singh was Chinese? Or M. Manoharan? The day UMNO has a non-Muslim Chinese/Indian as its chairman is the day your criticisms will become valid, ie, never.


"Wow. Like nearly bankrupting us with his grand but utterly USELESS "Mega Projects (TM)"? Like clamping down HARD on Press Freedoms during Ops Lalang? Like abusing the ISA like no leader before him? Like breeding a culture of nepotism, corruption and "close one eye" that has brought us to this brink?"

The mega projects, the twin-towers,Putrajaya have spiked tourism revenues from RM 13 billion in 1999 to RM 45 billion in 2007.Petronas twin towers was voted as the greatest symbol of malaysia by young malaysians.

"You're like a woman who loves an abusive, drunkard husband because she can't see a future with anyone else."

Since you brought up the analogy,may I ask, why does the opposition support DSAI when he has played with racial cards before? Have you forgotten his crimes simply because he sweet talked you to believe his love to you? In this sense,you sound like a woman duped by the charlatan again and again because she believes in sweet talks.

You sounded like a pot calling the kettle black.

Have you reach a very low status when you slander anyone who refused to support the opposition as a cyber trooper? Your tax money worth $10 billions,a mere quarter of the country's expenditures. So before you spit "our" tax crap, let me remind you it does not even run our education system.

Which part of Chinese dominated party that you do not understand?
If the opposition wants to show that they do not care about race,then they should elect a Malay leader in Penang. This would never happen as Guan Eng is in dire need of power and this would not be welcomed by Chinese in Penang. To deny that DAP is not playing racial card is silly. They are just few inches less evil than UMNO.

we shall see how anti-BN parties unite among themselves when they believed in different ideologies.You have been spitting a lot of promises,it's time to walk the talk.Don't be hypocrites.


BWAHAHAHAHAAHA! Vincent, a pro-government? Please do not insult him like that. If you have read his earlier posts, you should know that he is actually pro-primate.

You know what Vince? You could try setting up a new party to replace the now defunct PPP. You can call it the PPP aka Pro-Primate Party with a monkey as your symbol!

Anyway, here's my take on this. Please reserve your judgement on the opposition for now. It will take some time for them to correct the mistakes commited by BN and I say we give them 12 weeks to see if there are any improvements.

If you can give Badawi 4 years, surely you can allow the opposition 4 months?

"It's already hard to be "lain-lain" in Malaysia and with DAP and PAS, the "lain-lain" are doomed."

Jeez, you sure are absolute on that. And you're not even a Sith.


The victory of PKR’s Loh Gwo Burne is a joke, and it's not the only. I am really sad that a few good Gerakan/MCA men/women lost their seats in Penang.

A lot of good points from both the pro-BN and anti-BN. I, just like all malaysians was shocked to see the election results. Since we r all giving our 2 cents worth...

1) a strong opposition is always something good. Everybody says check and balance is needed and I think we need to acknowledge that the government has become a little cocky. When you're always going to be in power with no repercussions if you slack off anyone would become a little arrogant. They need to start working with our best interests at heart. Some ministers have houses that cost millions and thats just not right.

2. The opposition played a chess game with BN and won. I have to clap for them. I mean really the Gov played right into their hands. BN was so worried about Anwar being able to contest in April everybody knew this was the time to stir shit up and make the gov look bad. BERSIH rally, the HINDRAF rally rising prices. This was the worst possible time to have the elections. They should have done some serious damage control and hold the elections at the end of year.

3) PAS is taking over Kedah huh? Well there goes the neighborhood. Hope all of you are happy when you go to watch movies and your not allowed to sit next to your gf or bf. Ok lets just put PKR and DAP aside for now. PAS is a BIG problem . What is wrong with you people? I am Muslim and I would never vote for PAS. Have all of you forgotten that they plan to convert all the non Muslims to Islam if they ever came into power. If you think freedom of religion is bad now just wait until PAS gain more power. We're going to be Afghanistan part2. I'm sorry but if you were a Non-muslim who voted for PAS youre an Idiot! They don't like you. I've seen the kind of brainwashing that goes on in these PAS areas. They don't like people of other religions. They're not goin to come out and say it but trust me. Your better off with the most corrupt, useless, lazy BN mp.

3. I like what PKR are doing in terms of a Multi racial party I always felt parties on racial lines were bad. Why should race or religion matter. We are voting for an ideology a way of doing things. Does it really matter what race that person it. However, I don't trust Anwar as fas as I can throw him. He talks about corruption but he's just as bad if not worse than the people he's talking about. He wants to become the next PM at all cost. Thats what PKR is all about. I have serious doubts about them because of this.

4. DAP. Good for them. Gaining Penang. They claim they want to lower the toll prices in Selangor. If they do they might even get my vote in the next election. Screw you Samy! I've loaded too much money in my Touch and Go. I however feel they need to seperate themselves from PAS. Severe all connections. Also lets face it their plan of turning Malaysia into a secular is never going to happen. The removal of bumi rights as well. I personally wouldn't have a problem if it was taken away even though I am bumi. I am however one of the few bumis who feel that way. I actually feel it is a slur on my race. We need this help because other races are better than us and all that jazz? Well nobody is better than me. Arrogant maybe, but basically this means I don't really have a problem with DAP except for the fact that they portray themselves as a Chinese extremist party and this causes Malays to feel a little uneasy. I'm sure some chinese will understand, you probably already feel the same way about BN, but trust me PAS is worse.

5. I never really understood blind loyalty. Your either completely for or against the government. There are no good guys or bad guys in politics. There is just how many different kinds of fucked up you are. My opinion is that the Gov might be 20 different kinds of fucked up but the opp are 35 different kinds of fucked up, and even though I didn't think the BN' slogan of "Don't rock the boat. Vote for us" is very convincing, the opposition slogan of "Anything but BN" is much worse.

6.Perhaps we should have voted state seats go to BN but parliment goes to opposition. So that they have a bigger presence in parliment so maybe they can do the whole check and balance thing but it doesn't hinder development in your state. Thats how it goes down you know. You don't vote for the federal gov your state becomes economically cacated. whether or not this can be done to Penang or Selangor is yet to be seen.


kudos to the anonymous commentor above me...your words made the most sense out of all 27 comments.

i really can't think of a better way to say this, but i believe the recent wave of support for anwar stems from sympathetic feelings. most young voters (i.e. between 21-30) whom i've spoken to are very pro-anwar and i think this is because most of us remember his mistreatment in the hands of mahathir...and it is also around this time that we became politically conscious. i doubt young voters remember anwar as being the very radical and pro-malay UMNO member he was way back when he was a nobody in the political world.

ask the older generation, most of them will tell you that they do not trust anwar and that he is a sweet-talking snake who is excellent at manipulating situations for his own advances.

furthermore, i find it very hard to believe that a man would abandon his principles which he has cultivated for a good 30 years just because of a few hard years in prison.

also, and this being a slight trivia: i was driving to malacca using the old trunk road from PD a week before the elections and passed by a little mosque. what caught my eye were the large bright green words painted on the stark white wall of the building:


green and white. go figure.


Kudos to none of the above. Pro-BN, pro-BA/BR, anti-BN, anti-BA/BR and a good dose of monkey business in between. Are you all having a laugh? The votes have been cast and the results are out. Unless someone here is Pak Lah (with the agreement of His Royal Majesty - why of course) and capable of calling for another snap election, best shut up and get productive.

For those of you born in the 80s onwards, I dearly suggest you do a bit of research on our wonderful country one generation back before you bang on about what a terrible Prime Minister Tun M was. Being an autocrat is no easy task. Being a progressive right-capitalist (just love oxymorons, don't you? - not to be confused with pro-Anwar, pro-Pak Lah and pro-anti-increase-in-petrol-price morons) is even harder.

Speaking of petrol. I have one thing to say to the Opposition men and women who promised cheaper petrol - ARE YOU ALL OUT OF YOUR FRIGGIN MINDS?!!!!!!

Other than that. Good job. Kudos to BN for giving the opportunity to an inexperienced kid and a big time taiko to get elected.

Congratulations to Sharizat for paying a lot of attention to the wheelchairbound. It's a shame you didn't pay enough attention to people who would actually get you elected. People like... oh I don't know... Lembah Pantai residents.

I've finally figured something out. Misunderstood geniuses are a rare breed. That's probably why only 'understood' geniuses like KJ and DSAI become leaders. Again for those born after the 1980s, DSAI is a brilliant political chameleon and Machiavellian statesman who has continuously reinvented himself - from Radical Islamist student to an ultra Malay Nationalist in UMNO and now the ultimate Social Reformist. I await with bated breath as to what other disguise will this method actor take on.


Dude, haven't you heard of 1.5 liter bottles of Coke? It costs a little less than RM3.00, making the price of coke about the same as petrol.

Then again if we could dispense coke from pumps like in petrol stations that would drive down the prices even more won't it? After all, no packaging...

At any rate we are a petroleum net exporter. Rising world old prices should not affect us too much since the extra we make from oil exports will cover the increase in price for our imports.

If only we used our oil money to build the country instead of mansions for undeserving politicians...


Okay, so in 2010, when we are expected to be a net IMPORTER of petroleum, you would support the complete removal of subsidies??

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