Sunday, March 02, 2008

police karma

Do you guys remember this awesome story about the first and the last time I tried to bribe a cop?

The other day, while driving back to Hicktown, I was pulled over by another cop because one of my brake lights was not working. Instead of the normal stalling and asking for reasons, this guy asked for my driver's license and straight away started writing me a ticket. I had to pay a RM70 saman, but it was my fault and I was happy with the way he went about doing things.

On Friday night, I was back in PJ in my parents' house. Somewhere around 12.30am, while I was busy kicking ass on my PS3, my mum said she heard something or someone crawling on the ceiling. At first we suspected it was a rat or one of those pesky cats, but the sound grew louder and louder.

Fearing the worse, we decided to call the police and ask them to check it out. The call was frustrating in a way, since they had to keep transferring you. When you dial 999, you have to tell the operator what service you want and then he will transfer you to either the ambulance service, the police or the fire department. In this case, we were transferred over to the KL headquaters. After that, they transferrred us to the PJ headquaters before finally transferring the order to the police station nearest my house. We were later advised that we should always note down and if possible, memorise the phone number of the police station closest to your house since it would be the fastest way. Of course, if you forget, there is always the 999 option.

Anyway, my mum put down the phone, the sound on the roof was getting louder and louder and so we switched on all the lights and locked up the dog while waiting for the police to arrive. And you wouldn't believe it, because as soon as we did all that, they arrived.


That's how long it took them to arrive on scene. 3 minutes after we hung up the phone, they were ringing our doorbell. You know what I think?

I have very good karma with the police. I have never had a bad thing to say about them (except curse them for not being corrupt in the Genting story) because they never gave me a reason to. Every encounter I had with them, they did their job and they did it well. When my mum's bag was snatched, the officer was polite and understanding. This is why I really believe in karma. When you have faith in people and when you don't diss them unnecessarily, you will find that they usually won't dissapoint you.

So stop your complaining and whining. Don't be like that kinkylittleshitfairy who bribes a cop and then complains about being 'forced' to do so, or that kennysia bloke who bribed a cop and then happily tells the world that 'it's normal'.

Oh, turns out my neighbour was also awoken by the ruckus on the roof. When the police climbed both our roofs to check it, they found a freaking musang. In the middle of a housing area. A freaking fox.

But still, kudos to Officer Hasrul and his team for the extremely prompt response. I didn't get the names of the other guys because they had to rush off to another place, but that experience would stay with me for a long time.

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Yeah we get that quite alot as well.

Thing is, my neighbour's house was under a then-stillborn-renovation project which made things worse for us. The stories you hear about people breaking in from vacant houses.

Guess who slept with a knife under his pillow then.


Sadly, for every story of a pleasant encounter with the local police, there are 9 more which tells of how bad they are at their job.

Your story is a good read, but a fox? Damn.


By the way, do take a minute of your time to visit this link.



laksa: Don't you think that this is the major problem with most bloggers?

Free speech seems to be the craving of the day, except if you support BN and/or dislike PKR and DAP.

People like that rant all day long about how messed up the mainstream media is but the scary thing is that they are turning into the exact same monster they claim to despise so much.

And this people say, loving your country is by advocating change. Unfortunately the only change they think is fruitful enough is to vote the party they support. It seems nothing else constitutes a big enough effort.

And that is the biggest problem with Malaysia. Not the government, but the people all craving for their own self interests.


btw your area seems to have more than the number of allowed musangs in the city. a friend living in the same area has the exact same problem.

Yah, I heard she found a dead musang.

Dunno where the hell they seem to come from


So, wouldn't you agree with the Siber Party of Malaysia (M) when we say civil service salaries should be doubled ? After terminating the half of them who don't work, that is.

Encik Aboo, where do I sign up to join your great party?

DUDE! PS3! When can i Come over for some games...

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