Sunday, March 16, 2008

six word memoir

Everyone has a story. Can you tell yours in six words?

This was a challenge put up by one Larry Smith on his website. He asked readers to submit a 6 word memoir of themselves. Six words. No more, no less. The sheer popularity of it spawned a book, very aptly named Not Quite What I Was Planning.

These were among the best I have seen:
Found true love, married someone else.

Married for money, divorced for love.

Never really finished anything, except cake.

Married twice but never knew love.

Waited for years, now too late.

I am great but not modest.

Like Charlie Brown, not as popular.

"Barrister, barista, what's the diff, Mum?"

My personal tragic favourite is "For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn." If you didn't get it the first time around, re-read it.

I like that it is personal. Only you can really understand what it means. Most people will try to generalise and take a stab at you, and even think that they understand where you are coming from, but that is where the fun is. I like that you tend to filter out everything and write only the most important event of your life, or in some cases, the most recent big event.

I have been thinking about what my six word memoir would be, but so far I have not come up with anything that I am happy with. There are a few candidates, "Lives in Hicktown, always bored stiff"or "Genius misunderstood, arrogance understated, perpetually bored" and "Many regrets, none worth crying over." When I do decide on a good one, I'll post it here.

But till then...What is your six word memoir?


Hard to choose.. Harder to live with.

Nah.. not 6 words. I am thinking my 6 words memoir too.

Mighty hard.


bright, brilliant, badass, but bad luck

Couldn't be effing bothered about anything.

vincent is gay, a fucking idiot.

vincent sucks cock, hence being gay.

vincent rapes kids, really young ones.

vincent screws dogs, all night long.

vincent has a very short dick.

vincent hit puberty two weeks ago.

vincent fucks michaelooi, day and night.

michaelooi sucks vincent, and then swallows.

need more suggestions?


wow vince, u must have killed this fella's whole family or humped his sister or something to earn that much hatred towards u. lol...

wow...anonymous is quite talented.

Who in the pink hell is Michael Ooi?

divergent roads, took the long one.

lots of potential, didn't fulfill any.

searched for purpose, found grace instead.


laksarian: It is a travesty not to know who Michaelooi is.

I think I have a good one:

Vincent always pisses off Internet morons


anonymous commentors have absolutely no balls.

how bout that?


hey guys,

check out edwardling.blogspot.com

this 26year old dude is the political secretary for DAP's hannah yeoh(subang jaya ADUN)

major hypocrite....promised to quit his job if hannah was elected...now saying he is no tony pua. Criticises BN all the time and after hannah gets elected, he says that "armchair critics" are unwelcomed. He also says that if the rakyat dont help out then they shouldnt talk about their "barisan rakyat"...

vote them in...now need to pick up their shit as well...congrats...

edward also clearly states that he is NON-PAID....


Just checked Edward's blog. He's like a young Jedi padawan, filled with fiery passion for justice but at the same time highly susceptible to the lure of the dark side.

Hannah Yeoh.




and i suppose your IC and birth cert state one of your names as "k3ng"?

pls unzip your pants and feel around for YOUR balls 1st.



vincent will love Arsenal, no doubt.

i had fun. k thanks bye



Tossed myself off, feeling tired now.

Eh cheebye why got pop ups one your blog?

impossible to break, impossible to solace

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