Wednesday, March 05, 2008

vote the monkey

Is it fair to say that Malaysians in general aren't too fond of their principles?

Why is it so hard to understand that you are supposed to vote someone you believe in, not someone who is the lesser of two evils?

Why is it that when I ask someone to give me one good reason why I should vote a particular party, they name me 10 other reasons why I shouldn't vote the other party?

Why don't you people realise that those two options aren't the same?

Why can't people understand that you actually have another option of sticking to your guts instead of selling your ass just to TRY something new?

Why is it considered a 'waste' to spoil my vote intentionally when at the end of the day, they do count the number of spoilt votes as well?

Why do ALL politicians make promises they can't keep?

Why do people keep buying those promises, just because someone else offers them?

Why do young voters think that they are so special?

Why do people think it is such a big crime if other people don't want to vote?

Why is voting considered a requirement to be a "good citizen"?

If I spent the day at an orphanage instead of a polling station, does that make up for "not doing my duty"?

Why is it that in the whole blogosphere, there is only one good blog commenting about the elections?

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Don't Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch!

Wait se-minit. After the eggs hatch, will there be any left to count?


It's 'let's not count the egg before it hatches.'



That doesn't change the original question.

Will there be an egg to count after it hatches? And what if it's a century egg?




i have never ever agreed with you.

in fact, i sometimes comment on this blog banging the shit out of you and calling you an mca-crony.

however, on this point i totally agree with you. i tried going to opposition blogs such as jelas.info, which is written by some sort of mandela-esque celebrity to seek clarity.

i asked so many questions about why i should even go out and vote. all their answers were about BN being bad. there was nothing about the opposition being good.

when i pointed out things that the opposition had done that i didnt agree with, their comeback was "well what about the BN MPs who take photographers along to hospitals when they visit sick children?"

our opposition in malaysia is still standing because it is leaning on the misdeeds of BN, and not because of their own substance. if BN ceases to exist, i think the opposition will be extinct too.


Lol, I was there when anonymous above picked their brains apart. Good times, good times. Come to think of it, he's right. If BN ceases to exist, the opposition will be extinct too.

But allow me to indulge in a sliver of optimism here. If BN's empire crumbles, the opposition's role will be no more. Instead, they will rise as the new ruling party that will bring our country to greater heights.


anon: And you needed to explain that first part of your comment because...??

I don't need people to like me or to agree with me. I just need people to not annoy me with their stupidity and hypocrisy.

Everything else is fair game.


Laksarian makes the kind of assumption that only the very young or very foolish would make. LOL

Our parliament has got a bunch of jokers on one side, and a bunch of clowns on the other. I have a reasonable ense of humour, but I definitely cannot stand clowns.

The mullah and the comrade are the biggest clowns of all. I would count the saudara too, but he wasn't in parliament recently, innit? Heh.


vincent, i explained the first part because i never thought this day would come. since i never have a consistent nickname (i use anonymous when i am short of time, and other more interesting names when i am free), i thought i should 1st introduce myself. i was in no way trying to praise you or make you feel good about yourself. that is the last thing a little brat like you needs.

laksarian, you and me, we should form our own party. unfortunately, most of these dumb malaysians won't get our concepts.


Anon & laksarian will be the first political party in the world with 2 members! LOL

It's like Billy Lim and his two hardcore supporters all over again. Oh wait, that makes 3 people, doesn't it?



You don't need to form a party dawg. You can be an independant candidate. Like the 89 year old grandma who has a blog.

Why is it so hard to understand that you are supposed to vote someone you believe in, not someone who is the lesser of two evils?

Because you don't define people's interests.

When a voter feels that voting the lesser of two evils is better than voting for who the voter believes in, then the voter would do what's in the voter's best interests.

You may try to define how the First-Past-The-Post system was conceived (indeed, the early English conceived it as a vote for the individual before nascent parties formed), but that is only in purely ideal terms.

The fact is, individual MPs caucus together, and this NEEDS to be taken into account.

As for the rest of your article, it is applicable to some, but how big this "some" is I don't know. It would be unfair of course, to lump all opposition voters or opposition candidates into it.

Also, I agree that the oil price pledge was a vote-bait. It's bad, as are all subsidies.



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