Thursday, April 24, 2008

earth day

Tomorrow would be the 48th consecutive day of work. After that, a long deserved rest. I have never, ever worked harder in my life. If my school teachers were to see me today, they would eat their shoes. I still remember one of them telling my mum at report card day, "Your son is damn bloody lazy".

It was World Earth Day the other day, and while there had been many initiatives to save the planet, most of them were plainly not feasible or just purely misinformed.

Someone on the radio said that she pledged to reduce her electricity consumption. Instead of sleeping with the air-cond, she promised to sleep with the fan. My manager, in our weekly department prep talk, tried to encourage us to cut electricity consumption. I told him that it was futile.

Less you forget, this is Malaysia, where the IPPs own you. It doesn't matter if every single Malaysian stops using electricity for one day. The IPPs will burn hydrocarbons to generate electricity and force sell it to TNB anyway. So for those of you who can't sleep without the air-cond, take solace in the fact that your actions makes no difference to the environment. But hey, we are here to talk about the environment and not the IPPs.

However, you could stop driving and take the freaking public transport if you work in downtown KL. There isn't a place in the Golden Triangle that you can't get to using the public transport and less than 10 minutes walk, so there should really be no excuses.

But who am I to say, eh? I eat sharks, terrapins and pretty much anything that moves. And because of that, me talking about saving the environment is hypocritical as hell.

Oh wait a minute...there are loads of those hypocrites around aren't there?


I stopped myself from farting for the duration of Earth Day. As far as I'm concerned, I actually reduced my direct contribution to pollution.



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