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i am all for transparent government, but are you?

One of the most dissapointing results of the recent General Election was the fact that a particular bloke near my area became MP. I think I mentioned enough times in my numerous posts before and after the elections that I don't really care much for any political party, but I am particular on the person that is supposed to represent my best interests.

Which is why when Loh Gwo Burne won the Parliamentary seat for Kelana Jaya, I flipped out. This was a boy whose only previous contribution to the nation was 'accidentally' videotapping a guy talking on the phone. This was a wannabe politician who was unable to vote for himself because he wasn't a registered voter who obviously did not care about his democratic duties until given the PKR ticket.

I berated everybody I knew who voted for this moron, because the obviously cut off their nose just to spite their face. But people said, Hey give him a chance...he might do something useful, you know. When I read his question for the parliament about disabled people, I was somewhat impressed because it was a good question.

However, today's news got me boiling all over again over this idiot:
Loh: A lot more to Lingam clip

KUALA LUMPUR: The VK Lingam video clip shown to the Royal Commission of Inquiry is only some 20% to 30% of what was recorded that night at the prominent lawyer’s house in December 2001.

Somewhere in China, there is a disk containing the complete recording of what Loh Gwo Burne videotaped, separated into segments named VK1, VK2 and others. Most of what was made public was from the first segment of VK1.

"I downloaded the video from my private computer into several hard disks and compact discs. When I went to work in China in 2004, I took it along," Loh told The Star.

"The disk is still there. The rest of the videos contain, among other things, other telephone conversations between Lingam and the other person on the phone, as well as conversations Lingam had with my father.

"What has been made public is only about 20%-30% of what I filmed," Loh said.

Asked what he wanted to do with the copy in China, Loh replied: "Nothing at the moment. Eventually, when I find it, I will give it to the relevant authorities if required."


Asked why he gave a copy to Manjit Singh, Loh said that at that time in 2001 both Manjit Singh and Lingam were acting for his family over some legal matters.

"Manjit Singh had been displeased with Lingam over some payment issues. I passed the CD to him because at that point we were also not happy with the services provided by Lingam because there were many postponements to my family’s case," said Loh


So, there's a lot more to that tape, huh?

And you didn't think that the Royal Commission needed to know that? You didn't think to mention that earlier when you were in court, did you? Why only open your mouth today? No real need to ransack your house in China to look for the 'missing' 80% is there?

I am all for frying the corrupted people involved in this scandal. But how about this guy who took the video in 2001 but kept quiet about it all this time? His statement that "I passed the CD to him because at that point we were also not happy with the services provided by Lingam" is surely the most crystal clear case of blackmail ever. If he knew it was a crime back then, why didn't he come forward then?

It is clear that the tape was released to coincide with the general elections to show people how corrupt the government apparently was. Perhaps we should wait till the next general elections before this imbecile decides to release the other 80% of the tape.

Would somebody like to have a chat with the Pakatan Rakyat people about transparency?

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Ya fucking hell,

Corruption is still going on.

you know the Taman Megah interchange? The cops still sit there at the end of the month, waiting for people to give a little roll on the white line to get their RM50.




1) Loh Gwo Burne did NOT and has NEVER made the tape public. It was Anwar Ibrahim who leaked it. Anwar purportedly got his copy via the copy of the video passed by Loh to Manjeet Singh.

So if anyone is responsible for not leaking the video 100% it is Anwar, and not Loh. Rather, the video is most likely going to be released in batches - 20% by 20% for maximum publicity and coverage.

While it does smack of self-interest on Loh and Anwar's part, it does play a public role in ensuring that the Govt does NOT bury this under the carpet.

Look at Altantuya murder trial - out in the open for all to see, and it was buried in the back pages of the news and far from national conciousness - until Raja Petra went to jail for highlighting it.

2) There's never been a SINGLE shred of evidence of Loh blackmailing Lingam.

Did he do it because he was dissatisfied with Lingam? Perhaps, yes. BUT Whistleblowers have long been motivated by other things than pure patriotic duty or some saintly devotion - personal grudges or a shot at fame being among them.

So is PR transparent? They can do better, but they are a HELL of a lot better than Babi Negara, headed by the richest unemployed man in the world.


And the biggest problem with all this is that people are gladly justifying this idiot's actions.

Back in March I told anyone who would listen that we're not going to move very far from the status quo.

I don't believe I have been proven wrong yet.


i share your sentiments on the blackmail thing. when i first read the article, i had a "hey, wait a minute..." moment.

ah well. same old same old. disappointing, isn't it, to know that human nature is the same regardless of what party one represents? so much for rainbows, puppies and optimism.


Sidetrack abit. I went to buy Nasi Lemak and this makcik complaining saying that Pak Lah should step down because he caused the prices of food, petrol and her NASI LEMAK to increase. Seriously, macamlah Malaysia is the only country on planet earth.

And you know what, Pakatan Rakyat ke, BN ke...get your ass workinglah. I'm planning to stop my daily paper subscription coz the news I read everyday is just so pathetic. Like a bloody broken record playing.

And that Altantuya case, haih...read until sien weh, dats why kena tembak pi page blakang. Seriously, there were so many people who knew what was going on before Raja Petra even posted it lah. What he did...it was foolish. But thanks to him, maybe good things will follow certain groups of people after this.


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