Thursday, June 05, 2008

fuel hike, part 104215

I can't decide which is worse:

The Government lying to the people and the uneducated people lapping up their lies


The Opposition lying to the people and the educated people lapping up their lies

Before today, I spent about RM400 a month on petrol. And I believe that that was quite a lot because I frequently commute between Hicksville and KL. I believe the Average Joe with a smaller car than mine (1.6L Waja) who mostly drives to and from work would spend less than myself.

But let's take my expenditure for example:

40% of RM400 = RM160 extra per month

RM160 - RM50 rebate = RM110 extra

If you have problems forking out an extra RM110 (or less) per month, you really have no business driving a car. Whatever happened to living within your means? Funnily enough, the 'friends' of mine who are complaining the most at the ones who must have their weekly dose of RM15 Starbucks coffee, and are more than willing to pay RM2 for a freaking doughnut that doesn't really taste all that great in the first place. That is what is meant by 'changing your lifestyle'.

You read the news and see that there are protests in KL, Ipoh, Penang and Kuching. Why do you urbanites talk as if the world owes you a living? If you people are to be believed and it is the 'poor' who are really suffering, where are they?

Busy earning money to survive I guess.

I find it extremely ironic that Pak Lah's bravest decision and what I feel is the most telling contribution to date would probably be one of the last few things he does. I always think that leaders must make difficult decisions because it is the right thing to do, and not because they are worried they become unpopular.

I can do without a new government full of hypocrites, thank you very much.

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Hey, what about the view that a fuel hike is okay but a more gradual one..not 40% dude. Especially in a country where public transport sucks and so we all depend on cars, even young college students. Maybe you would say we have "no businness driving" but its out of necessity man.

hahahaha...you assume everyone who whines about petrol prices patronise Starbucks every freakin week?

My only luxury is Old Town White Coffee patronage and thanks to fuel hike I can continue to savour White Coffee...in instant powder form.

Of course you're right about the poor. Unlike spoled middle-class fucks like us, they can't idle precious time around spamming blogs and Facebooks with "Protes" or worse - getting arrested jailed for joining street demo. Who's gonna feed the wife and kids? Whaddya recommend next? Birth control?

I don't like the idea of suspicious, chameleonic characters ruling the country, but a flip-flopping, weak and lying govt. Its obvious choice between the devil and deep blue sea.


I can't agree more. There're way too many cars on the roads, with one person inside. Can't afford the gas? carpool then. And maybe parents should let their kids ride school bus instead of causng massive triffic jam in front of schools twice a day.

anon1: When the price was last hiked, global oil prices stood at USD60. It is now USD130. That is more than a 100% increase. I would call a 40% increase very gradual indeed.

mishugina: I agree about the flip-flop. But weak? It took balls to do this. And lying? Well, Wan Azizah told a blatant lie yesterday too. The difference is that not many people picked it up.


Just curious - I wonder how does the high world petrol price affect Brunei and their citizens all along?

BTW seems like this site is pretty quiet already


Spoken like a true observant Malaysian. I couldn't agree more. The ones easily protesting on the streets/complaining about fuel price hike are those who have nothing to do but sit around and complain while we have to continue on living.

Which one question hit me. How do they all gather at one place to protest? Especially for those jam-packed streets of KL?

So confusing haha.


whining's not gonna reverse the price hike. neither is it gonna prevent the inevitable rise of the cost of living. perhaps we should practice the resilience that has gotten the human race this far and just make some changes to our lifestyle. convenience is a luxury that we can afford to sacrifice if it means surviving and making better use of what we have.

i'm encouraged by the fact that the students in my uni, who are often labeled as "spoilt brats", have immediately adjusted to the price hike by arranging carpools and discussing alternatives like cycling to class instead.

anyway, i don't know enough about economics to comment on the impact of the removal of subsidies and how the money should be used. i can only be optimistic and pray for the best.


I concur on Pak Lah. Subsidies must go (or go way down) and it was rather a brave move. Political suicide some said.

Anyway, good of you to dole out the mathematics of it. I don't drive so I don't really know how badly it affects and how much the rebate helps.


I'm from east msia, sarawak to be precise, over here we have ppl with no more than RM1k income every month for the whole family, seriously. i wonder how they gonna survive? prices of rice, bread have gone up (RM25 for 5 kg of rice, RM3.50 for a loaf of bread now), not too sure bout west msia, but east msia will be in serious deep shit if things are going to this direction...

i was wondering, petrol shortage is something we had foreseen since 5, no, 10 yrs ago. msia is a country who are highly dependent on petrol, and yet not even any breakthrough has been done for the past 10 yrs??? we don hav to go for "msia manages to replace petrol with palm oil etc bla bla" we can jus upgrade and improve our public transport for a start from ten yrs back.


Hmm.. I seem to be rather unsure on this one. On the one hand, you've got a point mate. It was probably the bravest decision that our dinky PM has made so far. Not so convinced if it's the right thing to do.

Yes I know Malaysia is having one of the lowest fuel prices and that the hike is something inevitable. Or is it? I seem to recall our country still being a net producer of petroleum. So how can the gomen NOT afford to subsidize? But then again, why should they?

I take no stance on this one... until the costs bite my ass. Which may or may not happen.


I agree with you. I honestly am starting to think Anwar is bullshit now. What Pak Lah (poor soul, I pity and admire him) must also do is something to raise the salaries of Malaysians as well to let them cope.

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