Sunday, July 13, 2008

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Last week, I received a mail from a representative of a local newspaper saying that they wanted to feature my blog. That article would feature me, and me alone. Two years ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity.

These days, however, I wonder why people still want to read this dosh. Yes, once upon a time I used to be femes and shit. I used to get an average 400 hits a day! I don't know what the going average is these days, but back then it was semi-huge. These days, blogs aren't really my thing anymore. Back then most people blogged because it was cool to be famous, even if it was just being famous on the Internet. These days, blogs have evolved into one of two things - you are either using it as a money making tool or a platform to spew your political agenda, or worse, both.

These days, thanks to Nuffnang and Adverlets, a typical blog looks like this:

*picture stolen from Karcy

This blog started off as a ranting tool, hence the less than savoury name. As it got more popular, it became more provocative, sometimes on purpose, sometimes because that was what I genuienely felt. These days, it is more pretentious in its purpose. I somehow feel the need to write the wrongs out there. I sometimes feel the need to correct misperceptions of certain issues.

I have been thinking a lot about how the last few posts I wrote about the fuel hike would have been more effective if I had a bigger audience, and hence would be able to influence more people, but then I realised that I still prefer my semi-anonymous identity. I like that nobody from work knows about this (I HOPE!) and intend to keep it that way.

Which is why I told that newspaper reporter that I would pass on the offer to do a feature article on this blog....

Oh, and some n00b on someblog somewhere was talking about blogger meets. HAHA! Never been for one, never intend to. I think I am still the atas blogger from before, because somethings will never change.


chewah... atas blogger.. i like that line... eh elitism sucks ok... it gives you pretty cool jobs in solidly stable companies but it also means you pass up on cool freebies like bus tickets, and movie tickets... hahahh


I have none of those ads in my blog, does it make me a very good and exceptional blogger?

The existence of Internet Advertising lies solely on bringing up some mainstream people. It's so sad some had to succumb and became boring.

Nonetheless, I'd rather not touch those things, because I prefer to write out exceptional and good blog posts.


chooki: Cool freebies? Yeah sure it's cool that people like KennySia get free shit and travel everywhere for free.

But free movie tickets? Depends again. Free movie tickets like what Eyeris gets - cool shit (although that has nothing to do with the blog). But free movie tickets like the NuffNang dudes get? One free ticket a week or a month? I think I can afford the 10 bucks la.

cindi: I checked out your blog. Good to see a real blog with words and no camwhoring. And best of all, no goddamn ads! Don't go over to the dark side!


Dang... I've been meaning to write about how blogs have gone to the dogs compared to the good old days when you write just for the heck of writing.

You beat me to it!!


"I somehow feel the need to write the wrongs out there."

Write the wrongs? You should give up blogging. Maybe waste disposal is more of your thing.


free stuff is goooooood.

Oh wow, a grammar nazi!

One of the few good things that was left behind in the good'ol blogging days.

These days, there aren't many grammar nazis around, simply because it is hard to critisize typos made by camwhores...


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