Thursday, September 04, 2008

idiot watch, part 932523

*conveniently translated into English*

"Hi, I would like a light & sweet popcorn please"

"That's less sugar, you know" (They say it EVERYTIME. It's as though they were trained)

"Yes, please."

"What size?"

"Small, please"

*searches under the counter, comes up holding a large box*

"I am sorry, no more"

"No more what? There's loads of popcorn there!"

"Popcorn got. No more small box. We only have large box."


"Would you like a large box?"

"NO. I want a small light & sweet popcorn!"

"But sir, we are out of small boxes. We only have large boxes left."

I look at her like she's the dumbest cow in the whole world.

"Can't you just use the large box and just put in less. I dunno...like fill it up half way?"

"Cannot. We don't sell the popcorn, we sell the box."

"What? WHAT?!?! You sell the box?!? Look I just want a small portion of popcorn. Just go ask someone else who knows."

Our village idiot then proceeds to call over her co-worker, who then tries to tell me the same thing.

"Sir, we are out of small boxes. Only large boxes left."

"Yes, I don't care. Give me a large box, or whatever. Just give me a small portion"

"Sir, we can't do that. We need to sell you a large portion."

"But why? You're not making sense!"

"Because we don't sell by the portion. We sell by the box."

At this point, I realise that arguing with idiots is futile, so I just walk away with the consolation that this makes another good story for idiot watch.


LOL classic... don u jus hate arguing with idiots and morons.. =)

It's at once funny and depressing.

MAYBE they reconcile the quantity of popcorn sold (per box) against the quantity of boxes.

I guess if they're out of small boxes and give you a big box containing a smaller portion, there may be a difference at the end of the day.

Petty / silly it may sound, but it makes sense in a way...


I'll side with the idiots.

They can't sell you by the portions. It's fundamental concept.

Just follow law!


It makes zero business sense. Besides, it was a late night movie. Whatever they don't sell gets binned. I hope.

I also hope you guys don't run business stalls.


blame the business strategy, not them. they prolly have to take stock of the boxes, not the popcorn.

welcome to kuantan.

u are inspiring me to start my own idiot watch... hahaha i got plenty ofstories to tell!!!

So what does child prodigy have to say about the latest spate of ISA arrests ?

I got no time for that, too busy digging up dirt on Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat.

Besides, our home minister already explained the situation, what else do you want?


I have more important things to do than to blog about things that everybody else knows.

By the way, any knowlegeable person (or at least anybody with a memory spanning more than 6 months) knows that Anwar is so full of dirt, there isn't any need to dig it up.


You will probably get the same response at Famous Amos, I asked the guy to put in 2 types of cookies (100g each) into 1 200g bag for my eating convenience, they will say cannot because their management tallies sales by the bags.

As someone mentioned above, this looks like a strategy adopted within the snacks industry.


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