Wednesday, October 15, 2008

generation gap

My parents and I went to check out this new restaurant the other day. Food was so-so, ambience was chick, overall experience was enjoyable, but that is not the story I am here to tell.

As we were ordering the food, we had a chat with the waitress and learned that the place had just opened the previous week. Anyway, the food came, and we tucked in to enjoy, while talking about the usual stuff one would expect families to talk about during chow time.

Just then, a bunch of 4 yuppies waltz in and start barking their orders around like how you would imagine yuppies do. When their food arrived, instead of attacking the food, they opened their bags, whipped up their SLRs and started a picture taking frenzy. I let loose a wry smile of amusement as I usually do when I see people like that.

My dad sees me smiling and turns round to see what so funny. He takes a look and then comments:

"Wah you see this restaurant so new already got journalists come to write about it"

"Er, no dad. Those aren't journalists"

"Yes la, you see their camera so high tech"

"No dad, trust me, those people aren't reporters. They are bloggers."

"Like that Raja Petra type ah?"

"Oh this one a bit different. They take pictures of everything they eat, and then put on the Internet"

"For what?"

"Er...no reason. Just for their friends to see. Look, I don't really get it either."

"Siao ah? Ciak pah boh mi kia zhou ah?"

*literally translated: Crazy is it? Eat full full already nothing (else better) to do is it?

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Woah!! Bad bloggers, those are.

So rude one!


ehrmm, i'm assuming your dad doesnt know you're a blogger as well?

Hehe... couldn't stop laughing. Your dad's a riot!

journalists no need to take their own pictures wan! ahahah!

sanchez: I don't consider myself a blogger. How's that then?

your blog, your call =)

i'm just a nobody regular visitor of yours, keep it up!!


my family prefers the phrase "jiak ba dang eyau".

i'm guilty of it myself sometimes.


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