Friday, October 31, 2008

mulut celupar

A colleague of mine who is also from KL but works in Hicktown likes to travel back to Hicktown after the weekend back in KL early on Monday mornings. The logic is that she gets to spend as much of the weekend as she can with her family and then leaving KL at 4 or 5 am on Monday morning ensures that she can reach the office by 8 am. Personally, I think it is ridiculous and extremely dangerous.

A few months ago, on a particular Friday, it was 6.30pm and I was going home. I saw her still at her cubicle:

"Hey, aren't you going back to KL today?"

"Yeah, wanna finish some stuff first"

"Go back la. Don't drive so late. Dangerous."

At which point, another girl butted in cheekily with, "Why you so caring suddenly?"

With a grin and without the slightest hessitation, I replied, "Actually it's not that I am caring, but if she get into an accident, I have to do her work for her. So actually, I am worrying about myself."

We all had a good laugh at my assholism, and I went home spending a totally boring weekend in Hicktown.

We received news on Monday morning that that colleague of mine fell asleep at the wheel, smashed up her car real bad, and then went on MC for 2 weeks.

Prophecies can be a bitch.

Two days ago, I went out for lunch with a friend. I was in her car and we were going back to her apartment. From where we were coming from, she needed to make a U-turn to get to the other side of the road.

At the first opening in the divider, there was a large no U-turn signboard. One was expected to go another 100 metres down the road where you could U-turn legally. But, as you would already guess, my friend took the turn at the first opening.

Just as she was doing that, I went:

"Eh, got big NO U-TURN sign there whey."

"You very good boy one hor?"

"Yeah, after police catch, how?"

And there they were, 50 metres up the road - two of them in their spanking white uniforms. My friend was pulled over by the traffic police. We didn't stop laughing - couldn't stop laughing in fact, not even as she handed the guy her license and IC.

Lesson learnt: You should really listen to me when I say something. It's true.


"Prophecies can be a bitch"

so true, why attack if you can't defend...


hahhahahaha!!! =D

smack you lah... mulut celupar kakakaka.

If it was me, I'll feel like shit. The whole thing here is as if I had an unintentional curse on her. Really mulut celupar...Wish that I had made fun in another way.

Btw, it's celopar or celupar?


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