Saturday, October 11, 2008

vincent's words of wisdom, episode 15395

A few days ago, as I sat reading stupid blogs, reading about people bitching about their hollow lives, complaining about the injustices of life, on how the economy is bad, on how they had nothing to do with it yet they are the ones suffering, complaining on how the government(s) screwed them over, my mind started wondering to an incident a few months ago.

At the office we were preparing for sort of a family day event and we were packing goody bags for the kids. In each goody bag was an assorted pack of chocolate bars and sweets. Halfway through, we realised that we were short on Milky Way chocolate bars and it was a hassle to go out and buy more.

The girls started panicking:

"What do we do? What do we do!?!?"

And then I came out with the most awesome solution, ever:

"Don't care la. Pack the remaining packs with whatever chocolate you have left. The last few packs that don't have chocolate bars, we compensate by giving them more sweets"

"But that's not fair! Kids would want the chocolate bars, not the cheap Kopiko!"

"So what? That's a good thing. We are teaching kids from a young age that life is not fair."

I left everybody speechless. I think I would make an awesome boss.

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vince, kids might don even know how to spell "life" or the real meaning of "fair".....

Your kid is going to grow up to be hitler.

correction: you would make a tough dad.

but i would have corrected the situation the same way anyway. the kids wouldn't be the ones to notice or care too much about the missing chocolate bars - the parents would.

good luck with handling them.


Good luck with the kids. Giving them kopiko is fine.

Taunting them for more to teach them will be just plain mean. Bleh.

I felt so "victimised" last time due to that, but meh, at least I ain't a spoilt brat ;)




You did great. You taught them to accept the things that is beyond their control. And to improvise.


Once when I was a kid I went for a wedding.

My brother got 3 bucks, I got 2.

Mom told me to stop being an ass and accept it the way it is.



sanchez: Which is why they are lucky to have me around to teach them.

k3ng: Better Hitler than a pussy, right? Think of it this way - better Hitler than one of those wimpy scout kids (you know who) that we used to train.

lishun: No parents didn't care. In the end, I think nobody noticed.

cindi: oOOooo you were victimised as a kid? Haha!

stan: Dude, improvise? I don't think that they can grab that concept just yet.

bloke with mandarin name which I can't read: Wait why the hell did you get angpow for going for the wedding?!? I have never gotten an angpow for going for weddings, in fact recently I have had to give out a lot. WHERE IS THE FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE?!?


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